Martin Lawson

About My Job: Well that's a tricky one!! My main role with Maximillion is event staff and event manager. However I am also known as "The Cable Guy", "The Phone Guy", "The High Ropes Guy", "The IT Guy" and "The need someone who can lift lots of heavy stuff Guy". All of which I love to do.

Started Max: I first started with Maximillion back in June 2006 on a high ropes course.

Milestones: 21st Sept 2006 - Kilbride Castle, designing the rope challenge across a river for the Hudson Challenge. 15th March 2008 - Kirknewton Stables, my first event as Event Manager.

Best Event: 30th August 2008 - The Barnado's Challenge, Everybody on the event worked so well and hard together to make it a success. The clients loved it and nobody got hurt (or lost!!).

Proudest Moment: With Maximillion - receiving my "del monte" Award Christmas in 2007. Personal - completing my NLP Master Practitioner course in October 2008.

Hobbies and Interests: I enjoy hill walking and mountain biking and camping. I am a member of the Scottish Land Rover Owners Club. I am a level 1 interpreter in sign language for the deaf. I play the Bodhran (Celtic drum) and I am teaching myself to play the accordion.

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