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The nights are fair drawing in, the leaves are falling, winter is coming… Or if you just fancy getting out of the Scottish sunshine and staying indoors…. For those preferring to avoid all the seasonal elements exploring our classic outdoor GPS challenges, we have some innovative tablet-based challenges that can all take place under one roof in the great indoors!

Our series of themed events that can be set-up in any indoor venue space include:
Breakout – a problem-solving team building activity based on the popular escape room challenges, it involves an hour-long collection of virtual tasks, puzzles, questions and riddles.
Espionage – Cryptic messages, secret codes and covert missions – teams will need to channel their inner spy to succeed!
Quiz-time – Mix tech and trivia with our interactive, entertaining and puzzling quiz – something for everyone!
The Pitch – Teams will be put through their paces in this productive and creative game designed to test their entrepreneurial skills and business acumen…

We can also produce bespoke indoor challenges or merge indoor and outdoor challenges to get the best of both worlds. See more information in our bespoke tailored gamification section

Further explore the great indoors

For further information on building your indoor digital tablet-based challenge please contact the team on 0345 901 1426 or submit an enquiry here.

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The perfect accompaniment to an evening dinner event and keep guests entertained between courses. An interactive team-building activity providing an informal way to encourage guests

The Pitch (Indoor)

Put your teams through a series of top-executive challenges in this productive and creative game testing their business acumen and ability to thrive under pressure.


You’ve been framed for an art heist. You need to escape. You must beat the clock! Do you have what it takes to escape? Our

Espionage Explorer (Indoor)

Decode cryptic secret messages and complete covert missions around your chosen location. Teams will need to take on the role of international spys and explore

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