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Team Building

Cerebral or physical, competitive or collaborative, objective led or purely for fun, reward, develop and entertain your staff with an engaging and meaningful team building event. Explore our fantastic range of corporate team building activities and contact us to discuss the best options to meet your objectives, appeal to your group and suit your budget.

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Getting your team out of the office doesn’t have to mean exposing them to the great outdoors as indoor team building activities are ideal whatever the weather! Choose from our wide range of fantastic indoor activity ideas designed to suit the time and space you have available, and which can be tailored to your brief.

Alex Sharp

Alex is one of our Event Managers and describes himself as “The oil that keeps the cogs turning!”. Apart from event work, Alex also helps with office work, kit prep and maintenance, project management, ideas and as a wordsmith. A true all rounder!

Team Building Outdoor

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Encourage healthy competition with a traditional outdoor pursuits day or promote group collaboration with a series of more reflective outdoor team building challenges. Explore this section to find out which of our outdoors team building activities would work best for the profile of your group and what you’d like to achieve.

Learning & Development

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Enhance your team building activity with a team development intervention tailored to achieve your objectives. Alternatively, include an experienced facilitator to provide constructive feedback about individual and team performance. Learn more by exploring our L&D section.

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Maximillion has many years experience of organising meetings and conferences and can help with the design, production and event management of your own conference. Visit our conference section to learn more.

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Ideal as part of a meeting or conference agenda, our creative energisers are designed with your objectives, space and time in mind. They can also be used to kick-start your team building day, breaking the ice and making all participants feel comfortable. Scroll down the below options to feel inspired by our energising activity ideas!


Encourage guests to talk to one another and network at your next evening event with interactive entertainment, promoting healthy, fun competition between teams. Take a look at our range of fabulous evening activities including quizzes, activities and games specifically designed for evening events.