Beach Ball Bingo

Giant bingo, giant fun!

This is a high energy activity which requires fast-thinking, cooperation and excellent communication to achieve a call of “House!”. A hilarious energiser that combines bingo, chess and volleyball and which is sure to entertain your group.

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Beach Ball Bingo

A high energy activity which requires fast-thinking and cooperation.

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Energiser Team Building

How it works

Each team is given a giant bingo card which becomes their individual target, but all teams must complete their cards for success. Torn between targets, participants throw and catch beach balls containing numbers until “house!” is called. Visually exciting, this event is sure to energise your group!

Who it’s for

Beach Ball Bingo is for you if you’re looking for a dynamic, mass participation energiser for your corporate group. It’s a great way to wake up your team at the start of your team building day, meeting or conference.

The Benefits

Beach Ball Bingo is an energetic indoor game which encourages fast thinking and co-operation, and demonstrates that while each participant and team has their own goal, they must keep the bigger picture in mind for group success.

Works well to improve

  • Collaboration
  • Group camaraderie
  • Thinking on your feet