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Many organisations spend millions on training that works on staff weaknesses, whereas working on strengths is demonstrably more effective in many ways. If managers focus on your weaknesses, the chances of you being actively disengaged at work are 22%. If managers focus on your strengths, the chances are only 1%. Staff that spend more time working to their strengths are more productive, more engaged, take less time off and are better ambassadors of the company.

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Working on strengths instead of weaknesses is demonstrably more effective in many ways.

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How it works

Our StrengthsFinder® workshops help establish an understanding of why staff excel in certain areas and engage individuals to “do what they do best every day”. Each workshop explores the implications and applications of the methodology in ways that will increase individuals’ understanding of their own strengths and the advantages of maximising the use of those strengths and strengthen understanding within teams of the strengths across the group and how best to access and share these.

Who it’s for

StrengthsFinder® workshops are designed to benefit new and established teams e.g. leadership teams, operational teams, project teams, sales teams, as well as multi-disciplinary, cross functional teams and groups.



Key Features

  • Provision of online StrengthsFinder® 2.0 profiling & book pre-event
  • Individual 20-page report
  • Full facilitation support to ground the learning
  • TeamWorks activities to bring the learning to life
  • Post-event follow up by Lead Facilitator

Key Benefits

  • StrengthsFinder® 2.0 profiling, offering robust external validation based on decades of research
  • Tailored package to fit your objectives, timings & group size
  • Starts with the end in mind – outcome led & results orientated
  • Creates a common language for a group
  • Experiential – grounding the learning more effectively back in the workplace