Delegate Management System in Plymouth

Plymouth, once a tiny port from which Drake and Raleigh once sailed is now a burgeoning and vibrant modern town where the spirit of adventure, exploration and discovery really shines through - you'll find nowhere better in Devon and Cornwall to 'put the wind in the sails' of your conference event, team build or incentive trip.

Our proprietary delegate management system (DMS) provides a delegate and client registration service for conferences and events

We understand that every event or conference is bespoke and requires design and management of a unique website to meet your requirements. This flexible approach allows us to manage expectations and provide the highest levels of satisfaction for you and your guests, making the run up to the event as stress free as possible.


Your bespoke website informs delegates on:

  • conference content & agenda
  • venue information
  • menu choices
  • speaker biogs
  • activity information
  • important information
  • contact details

Maximillion specialises in guest management, providing a complete communications service, all of which can be completely branded to your company. Our DMS system is password protected with bespoke URLs for each event providing maximum protection for the privacy of your companies' conference.

The benefits of your bespoke website and delegate management system for your conference include:

  • Guests register and book 24/7.
  • Guests automatically receive an email confirmation
  • Web site provides details of content & times
  • Specific sessions can be booked separately
  • The site can be pre-populated from your mailing lists
  • Invitation and chaser emails personalised to your prospective attendees can be sent with ease
  • The booking form can be partially pre-populated, simplifying the registration process.
  • Will produce clear and concise reports on registration and payments
  • The site can also be used to co-ordinate speakers, exhibitors and entertainers


Guests can be invited to the event or conference with a hard copy invite or by email with a link to a personalised on-line page with all details of the event. Our creative team can design bespoke invitations to be sent by post or through email using your branding and corporate colours.


Guests can register on-line and advise us of any special requirements. This registration process provides a seamless approach to registering delegates and allows us to capture valuable information such as:

  • Collection of relevant contact details
  • Dietary requirements
  • Session preferences
  • Travel options
  • Workshop options
  • Accessibility requirements
  • Online payment (credit card only), if required

Joining Instructions

Once registered, each participant will receive personalised joining instructions confirming their requests and telling them where to be and when etc. 

Post-Event Feedback

We recommend requesting full feedback from the guests immediately following the event as this allows you to build on the success of the event and incorporate specific requests from delegates and suppliers for future events.

Feedback can be gathered from our online delegate management system through a simple click through process. Questions can be specific to the event itself therefore providing the most valuable feedback.

To encourage maximum feedback we can also link the feedback page to your photo gallery which guests can only access once feedback is completed.

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