Delegate Management in Leeds

Leeds, also known as the Knightsbridge of the North, is renowned for its fabulous history, shopping and nightlife. The stunning Victorian buildings, museums and arcades offer unique venues for any team building or conference venue whilst its central location and access to public transport options make Leeds a prime spot for event management and corporate entertainment.

Whether your audience is internal or external, it is vital for them to have a positive experience during the lead up to your event

With this in mind, Maximillion has developed a smooth delegate management process, which simplifies and streamlines this admin-heavy element of a conference or live event.This makes life easier for you as the organiser and for your delegates - well-managed and informed delegates will arrive feeling prepared and receptive to your messages.Your guests would be managed carefully by applying specific tools and processes and ensuring that our assigned team is responsive and close to your people.


The registration process creates the first impressions to the delegates of the event as a whole. Maximillion will support you to ensure this is a seamless process using a personalised online delegate management system which allows guests to register their details quickly and efficiently.

Project Management Team

As part of our DMS, we will provide you with:

  • a dedicated email address
  • a dedicated telephone number used only for your conference

These two lines of communication will be answered by your project team who will happily answer questions on conference content, logistics etc. If required, we can also take bookings by these means, filling in the website form on the participant's behalf.


Regular contact will be critical and should include:

  • Weekly phone call / conference call to re arranged schedule.
  • Monthly face to face progress meeting
  • Meetings and phone calls pre-empted with agenda
  • Meetings & calls followed up with contact report

The frequency of these meetings / calls may increase as the time of the event draws nearer and should be diarised from the outset.

Onsite Event Management

Maximillion is first and foremost an event management company. Your event manager will work closely with you as a part of your team. They will manage all aspects of your event, from planning and setting up all arrangements to running the event onsite including:

  • organising all elements of the conference
  • venue & catering
  • onsite delegate management
  • AV & speaker support
  • venue dressing


Having worked closely with you to deliver the right event, it is important to evaluate the impact and outcomes of that event to help continuously improve the format for the future and ensure value for money.  We can help you do so using two main methods, depending on which option is the most suitable.  Both options can be completely tailored to your needs in terms of questions asked. Options include online evaluation through the delegate management system, onsite evaluation and a financial management post event report.

Please call a member of the Maximillion team on 0131 333 0066 or send a message for further information.

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