Business Simulations in St Albans

St Albans is a beautiful city located in Southern Herefordshire which provides a mixture of stunning open countryside and charming, historic venues. St Albans is extremely accessible and offers the perfect combination of urban and rural character for numerous corporate team building activities and event management opportunities.

We take a hypothetical scenario or business process and simulate this through an event experience.

At Maximillion we are continually designing activity-based learning tools into our interventions and think of these facilitated business games and simulation models as exciting tools that reflect and replicate workplace issues and bring learning to life in stimulating and non threatening ways.

We design or select them to offer insights into every level of business process, from the all day - everyday routine interaction of people at work to the complexity of whole systems in operation. Our designs derive from real working environments - what makes them work and what makes them work efficiently. Participants readily relate to the simulation content because what happens in our activities happens at work.

A bespoke approach - simulation model design process

Many of our business simulation model designs originate from a specific customer brief and undergo an iterative development process. Many of our original designs can also be adjusted and repositioned to fit other contexts and circumstances. An insight into how we approach the design brief of a bespoke simulation model is represented below:

Who are they for?

Our experiential team development challenges, business games and simulation models work with individuals, teams and groups from across all organisational and functional levels, e.g. leadership teams, operational teams, project teams, sales teams, as well as multi-disciplinary cross functional teams and groups

Key features

  • Designed & facilitated by expert practitioners
  • Content is aligned to organisational context
  • Designed on the principles of learning through doing  
  • Each one is hands on & experiential - selected and to be interactive and engaging
  • Positioned and debriefed against the organisational context
  • Fun and non-threatening, but stimulating and challenging
  • Last in duration from 30 minutes to half a day
  • Work with groups ranging from 5 to 500

Key benefits

  • Scalable and flexible - many can be adjusted to fit your requirements (small - large group sizes, timings, theme, objective & context)
  • Raise self-generated levels of awareness within participants of the impact that behaviours have on performance and effectiveness
  • Something for everyone. Inclusive activities - playing to the diverse strengths and areas of interest of your participants
  • Development happens when people operate close to what they think are the limitations of their abilities - participants add content, detail and their own specific knowledge and experience.
  • People are at their most receptive when they are enjoying what they are doing - we don't believe that addressing workplace issues means we cannot have fun!

How we do it

Maximillion Learning and Development has transferable examples of experiential team challenges, business games and simulation models that address the following hot topics;

  • All-a-Board - Integrating and testing the relationships & collaborative practise between business teams and exploring creative ways of utilising limited resources.
  • In the Pipeline - ‘Facing the Customer' though the business transaction
  • Kinetic Connections - Building ‘big picture' business awareness and managing complex projects within conflicting priorities
  • TeamWorks Compendium - Creating routes for successful behaviour change through a suite of inter-related business process simulation activities

What next?

If you think that one of more of the above business simulations might be for your organisation, you can find out more by reviewing the 'How we do it' links or getting in touch with our Learning & Development Consultant Sandy on 0131 333 0066 or make an enquiry.

Event details

category: Learning & Development, Indoor team build
duration: Half day, Full day
budget: £1,000 to £2,500, £2,500 to £5,000, £5,000 to £10,000
group size: 10 - 20, 20 - 50, 50 - 200, 200+
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