We always end up with everyone cast to the four winds...!

Fewer people, more demands, more expectation of multiple tasks being delivered to unrealistic time deadlines... how do you get the best results from a team?

TeamWorks In - All-a-Board explores the issues created by the need to use specialist skill and knowledge to achieve management and organisational targets. Working in sub-teams, the group works interdependently to ‘keep its ship afloat', to meet financial, quality, compliance-related and customer focused objectives and targets - all in the space of a virtual financial year!

How it works

The group is divided into sub-teams, each with responsibility for their own tasks. However, each individual holds specific components which are required to complete the tasks which are the responsibility of the other teams. Therefore, no task can be completed in isolation: components have to be moved by the person who ‘owns' them. The participants need to prioritise their involvement, allowing for the effects of their own availability on their own tasks and each other's. They need good overall project planning alongside a willingness to operate flexibly and respond quickly to the needs of others.

Key features

  • The group works as a virtual team against the countdown clock to complete highly engaginginter-related tasks
  • Participants need to prioritise, collaborate and coordinate their involvement as no task can be completed in isolation
  • Good overall project planning is required alongside a willingness to operate flexibly and respond quickly to the needs of others
  • Corporate governance runs throughout. Compliance tasks must be completed or the team faces time penalties.
  • Increased scope for the group to share relevant experiences and transfer the learning back to the workplace.

Benefits for your team

This dynamic experiential simulation will allow participants to:

  • strategise and take measured risks
  • react to and deal effectively with changing circumstances and conditions
  • think out of the box - using creative thinking to solve problems
  • work independently and interdependently to achieve stretching targets
  • 'do more with less' - working within strict parameters and with limited resources
  • reflect on how actions & behaviours can impact on performance and raises awareness of core issues

Organisations that used facilitated TeamWorks All-a-Board

  • BOC Financial Planning team
  • SWIP Legal & Risk function
  • RBS Group Central Functions - Business Facing HR
  • Health & Safety Executive - Inspection support
  • NATS Direct Entry Graduate programme
  • Audit Scotland Audit Strategy Team
  • Turner Diesel management team

What Turner Diesel wanted

This offsite represented the first real chance to bring the senior team together from its diverse geographical locations in a developmental context.  It  presented an excellent opportunity to draw a line in the sand; building on the lessons from the past, providing a non-threatening and stimulating environment for the group whilst creating a platform for each team member to enjoy a meaningful, shared experience. There was plenty of scope to explore and address a variety of issues that had been significant to the team as it looked to operate more effectively, improve decision-making and foster improved communication.

What they said

"The exercise was very close to how the team operated in the workplace, and I think all the participants were surprised at how real it felt." "Very satisfied that the learning outcomes were reached". "Keith (Lead Facilitator) was great."