Conference in Pictures

Harnessing the power of metaphor

Graham at workRather than recording the vital information exchanged during your conference, intervention or meeting in the form of words and bullet points, the outputs of your event can be captured ‘real time' by our corporate artist in an extraordinary display of live, quick fire drawing. This cartooning technique will maximise the impact of your event, with presenter and participant thoughts, ideas and actions being captured during the course of the event and pictorially represented by the cartoonist.

Using the power of pictures, a storyboard gallery of images is produced which chart the outputs from the questions and issues raised during the event. This method engages the delegates and provides a shared platform for them to feedback on the storyboard that captures and reflects the key messages of the day.

The techniques used enable opinions and views to be widely shared in a safe, easily understood and very creative way. The images and pictorial metaphors generated are infinitely more dynamic and memorable than corresponding words, and will provide some totally fresh, live data which has immediate relevance to the presenter, individual delegate, the team and the organisation in their future internal and external dealings and transactions.

What is more, all the images are then re-drawn and digitised post-event and delivered back to you in whichever format selected (pdf, j-peg etc) to be shared and cascaded down within the rest of the organisation thereafter. An extremely practical take-away from your event.

Benefits for your conference or meeting

  • Great way to capture the key messages of your conference
  • Uses the power of metaphor through live cartooning
  • Increases staff awareness of, and responses to, organisational issues
  • Motivates delegates to respond with their personal and collective views of key conference business messages

Key features

  • Led by our corporate artist
  • Live, quickfire drawing
  • Creation of interactive image gallery
  • Works with conference groups from 25 to 250 plus
  • Selected cartoon outputs are rendered & digitised post-event and made available as a presentation journal, on CD or as web-based digital files

Organisations who have used 'Conference in Pictures'

  • RBS Group
  • BOC
  • ConocoPhillips UK

What ConocoPhillips said

Happy or delighted with

  • Overall contribution of account manager prior to event
  • Quality of pre-event information
  • Suitable contact prior to the event
  • Overall contribution of project manager
  • Style & quality of presentation
  • Relevance of session content to the organization
  • Effectiveness at summarizing outcomes and action planning
  • Friendliness & attitude of event staff
  • Overall contribution of event manager

"There was a degree of scepticism about the idea of using a conference cartoonist from management before the graduate event. On the day, Graham delivered a very professional service that was judged a success by all - the cartoons were an excellent talking point, provoked questions for our discussions and have been used in presentations since".

"Cartoons were running in the background to the main event - all objectives/outcomes discussed beforehand were exceeded".

"Graham - great ideas and skills in executing cartoons".