Retrospective team-based video production event

If I knew then what I know now...

You stand facing new initiatives, with newly developed goals and targets to achieve. You are responsible for strategic choices, or for the plans which will ensure successful implementation. Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to capture some of that retrospective learning and use it before you actually tackle the tasks in hand? Maximillion's Retrospective event allows participants to experience some of that time shift and to plan for the future by taking themselves there! 

Benefits for your team and organisation

  • Creating and agreeing the vision of the future
  • Setting behavioural goals to contribute to business achievement
  • Determining the actions which will ensure effective implementation 

Key features

  • Fast-paced, fun and future-focussed
  • Designed with the organisational context in mind
  • Fully facilitated by Maximillion Lead Consultant, supported by a professional film crew with broadcast-standard sound & vision equipment, including bluescreen technology and editing suite facilities
  • Same day fast edit of magazine programme
  • Small teams of 5-7 participants 

How it works

‘Retrospective' is a creative, challenging and entertaining event for any team which seeks to achieve new objectives and future targets.

The event involves making a retrospective magazine-style video which celebrates the achievements and successes of the project team over a given period. Each team has the support of a professional film crew and a precise brief as to their part in the production process.

The process takes participants into the future, building on their skills of visualisation to create clarity and detail in their perception of what future success and achievement would really be like. Once the picture has become clearer, participants work together to develop imaginative and yet realistic examples of the activities, actions, behaviours and attitudes which were demonstrated in order to achieve their objectives.

Each small team within the event has responsibility for a specific element of the task. These elements may reflect organisational goals and values, specific business targets or any other appropriate organisational theme.

As they consider the results and outcomes they have achieved in their ‘ideal state', they begin to identify the actual changes which would be required to carry through their agreed intentions. At the end of the event, the first edit of the film is screened and forms the basis of a well-formed team action plan to turn the ‘fantasy' into fact! 

Down to detail

Location:          Worldwide
Venue:             City centre
Time:                5-6 hours
Group:              Any size up to 50. Works with larger groups as well. 

Another delighted customer...

"This was a great experience and team building event contributing to a successful and focused working on the change ahead of us".

 Bruno Weissen, Head of Human Resources Basel, F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd., Switzerland