Speed Networking

Ready, steady ...

The aim of this standalone activity option is to encourage interaction between your conference delegates. The style of activity will act as an ice-breaker / energiser or finale to your conference event which also allows participants to get to know each other better and share knowledge through a fun but meaningful communication activity.  


All participants will be involved in this activity simultaneously.  Speed Networking will take 30-45 minutes to run.

Benefits for your conference

This activity will provide the following benefits:

  • Sharing of professional experience - tips, techniques, key learning
  • An inclusive networking opportunity for all
  • Opportunities to develop and build on communication and knowledge sharing skills

How it works

The space will have the requisite number of chairs per participants placed in two interfacing concentric circles. On each chair there will be a ‘bingo grid' style questionnaire. Participants will choose a seat and everyone will be facing there first "date".  A horn will sound at which time volunteers must ask their dates as many questions as possible from the sheet before the second horn sounds to indicate that the outer circle must move onto their next date, each date will last for a defined period of time.  Questions on the sheet will follow the format of ‘find someone who', for example - find someone who... has been with the company for less than 6 months / more than 20 years.

The actual design of the questionnaire and choice of questions will be agreed with you in advance to reflect the theme of the conference or meeting intervention.

What happens next?

The game will continue for a fixed period of time or until someone shouts "bingo" indicating that they have identified people to all questions on the sheet.

The end result

  • Questions can be tailored to have a specific focus
  • Provides a fun informal atmosphere to allow participants to settle into the conference day, or wind down at the end of the day