Stop, Keep, Start

And now, it's over to you...

With Stop, Keep, Start, the aim to provide a forum for discussion and a tool with which to extract ideas and opinions on issues and themes affecting the conference participants.

Benefits for your conference

This activity will provide the following benefits:

  • Strengthen and support development of staff / stakeholder community / delegate networks
  • Build relationships with others across the same and other geographical areas
  • Gather free and frank view on issues relating to your conference theme / s


With teams working in parallel groups, Stop, Keep Start will take 60 - 90 minutes to run and should be positioned towards the end of the conference event.

How it works

Working in parallel breakout groups, participants will be divided into colour-coded teams and each one is given a golden envelope which contains coloured index cards.  On the front of each envelope will be one of the following discussion topics.

Based on the theme of the day and the knowledge and learning gained through the conference speaker sessions;

  • What should I STOP doing?
  • What should I KEEP doing?
  • What should I START doing?


The team then has time to discuss and reflect on their experiences in relation to their envelope topic. Brainstormed ideas should be recorded on one of the coloured cards (relating to their team colour).  At the end of the time period teams will place the card back in the envelope and pass it on the next group and so on until all teams have brainstormed the topics.

What happens next?

At the end of the final round, the team's task is to review the cards inside the envelopes and distribute points among the three cards to reflect their relative merits.  The total points per team will be totted up and a ‘reward ceremony' will take place at the end of the day to reward the team that has obtained the vote of their peers.

A representative will then be appointed from each team to discuss with the best ideas with the rest of the group. 

The end result

  • Maximillion will collate all the information discussed in the ideas generation session and present this to you in a useable format which the participants can use to form their own personal manifesto to move forward with.
  • Confidentiality ensures that participants will be comfortable expressing ideas and concerns.
  • Participants will have the satisfaction of knowing that their ideas have been listened to and acknowledged, potentially having an impact on other graduates and the business.