Facilitated Create & Paint

Paint brushes at the ready!

A whirl of creative energy will inspire your group to produce masterpieces that they never thought possible.  With funding secured from the ‘Arts Council' and all their material ready to go, teams must collaborate to create. However, will their joined up thinking be represented on the final canvases?

Benefits for your team

  • Encourages debate, brainstorming, negotiation and consensus
  • Incorporates facilitation and is positioned to promote business / organisational messages or themes
  • Highlights the importance of creativity and creative thinking in the workplace

Key features

  • Art themed challenges and activities
  • Arts material and equipment, paints, crafts material, canvases etc
  • A new piece of art for the office?

Organisations that have used a facilitated Create & Paint

  • BP Trading Global Learning & Development team
  • RBS Resourcing & Development
  • RBS Direct Sales

What RBS Direct Sales wanted

The objective of the full day was for all team members to get to know one another, and to provide the team with a platform to start the process of delivering the overall objectives for the year ahead in Direct Sales. Accordingly there was a requirement to ‘bring to life' through the activities the types of behaviours that would support two of the organisation's "Big Five" values statements, which were:
- Drive Operation Rigour
- Build Capability
The combination of a Create & Paint morning session positioned to pictorially represent these two values and their underpinning principles, followed with a suite of TeamWorks In afternoon activities (Values in Action, Signlines & Mexican Railway) fitted the bill.

What RBS Direct Sales said

"I really didn't think the Create & Paint task was possible in the time allowed and was delighted when it did - also gaining everyone's participation and enthusiasm was brilliant"

100% delighted with all aspects of the event:

  • Listening to your ideas and understanding your brief
  • Meeting your deadlines
  • Overall contribution of your account manager prior to your event
  • Quality of your pre event information
  • Overall contribution of your project manager before event
  • Style and quality of presentation
  • Relevance of session content to your organisation
  • Effectiveness at summarising outcomes
  • Practicality of learning tools
  • Overall enjoyment of your event 
  • Friendliness and attitude of event staff
  • Willingness and ability to respond to your needs
  • Overall contribution of your event manager