Discover adventure in Leeds, with your team!

Vibrant, youthful and contemporary, Leeds is the perfect setting for you to enhance your team’s bond through any one of our range of indoor or outdoor GPS Adventures. Leeds offers meetings and conference venues to suit your needs with inspiring architecture and green landscapes. The city encourages creativity and thought in the west of Yorkshire.

As a charming UK city, Leeds is a hidden gem, perfect for a treasure hunt. With ideal locations which feature historic sites, museums, landmarks, etc., we are excited to tailor your team activity for you and your organisation. Navigate our digital maze while solving challenges with colleagues. Develop essential work skills like communication, trust and cooperation amongst employees. Do it all at Roundhay Park for a memorable day. Or check out Golden Acre Park.  With a wonderful blend of the scenic and recreational, Leeds is ready to welcome all of your staff to a great day of learning and fun.

Unearth and explore culture as you impress co-workers with problem-solving skills. You will enjoy completing our team building route as you boost employee morale.

We specialise in bringing people together while enhancing the performance of staff. Leeds just happens to be a great place to achieve both. Come experience for yourself.

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Venue Locations

Outdoor GPS Adventures

Perfect for getting people moving and energised while exploring the local venue or city location. Using GPS technology teams navigate their way around completing a range of engaging and interactive challenges. Discover how each outdoor GPS Adventure can benefit your team members and organisation as a whole.

Indoor GPS Adventures

For those preferring to avoid all the seasonal elements exploring our classic outdoor GPS challenges, we have some innovative tablet-based challenges that can all take place under one roof in the great indoors! Perfect for short breakout sessions and evening entertainment. Discover how each indoor GPS Adventure can benefit your team members and organisation as a whole.

Venue Specific Challenges

Whether you want an event in a world class museum, at a hotel or venue of your choice, or as part of an exhibition or conference, we have all bases covered! Armed with your tablet pre-loaded with the award-winning app, you will use Image Recognition, Augmented Reality and GPS technology to scan and unlock questions and challenges throughout your chosen venue. Our offline maps can be adapted for literally any location.

Bespoke Gamification

Tailor your own GPS Adventure! Let us know your key themes, messages and outcomes you’d like and we will convert this into an engaging challenge to deliver what you need. This could include, branding trivia about the company, messages from the senior management team or fun photo and video challenges.