Treasure Trails – A GPS Adventure

Outdoor GPS Adventures

Perfect for getting people moving and energised while exploring the local venue or city location. Using GPS technology teams navigate their way around completing a range of engaging and interactive challenges.

We’ve decided to ditch the trail booklet, traditional treasure trails and murder mystery for something a little more modern. Instead, you’ll be using GPS tracking to complete captivating challenges such as decoding cryptic secret messages and completing missions in chosen locations. The sense of adventure is thrilling and the mind-twisting clues will challenge your mind.

You can find hidden treasures using our pub adventure interactive journey. Similarly, our whisky history GPS offers a different type of trail adventure. We create real-life adventure events for adults in an imaginative way using techonology.Discover how each outdoor GPS Adventure can benefit your team members and organisation as a whole.

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Put your teams through a series of top-executive challenges in this productive and creative game testing their business acumen and ability to thrive under pressure.

Espionage (Outdoor)

Decode cryptic secret messages and complete covert missions around your chosen location. Teams will need to take on the role of international spies and explore

Whisky Adventure

  Explore the deep, dark history of Edinburgh’s Whisky Trade Immerse yourself in the wonderful world of Scotch whisky whilst having a few cheeky tastes

Pub Adventure

An interactive journey of discovery around your chosen location with a built-in pub crawl We have a Bar Explorer experience tailored for most major cities,

City Adventure

  An interactive journey of discovery around your chosen city. We have a City Explorer experience tailored for most major cities, turning them into a

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