Inject some creative flair into your event by turning your conference room into a bespoke movie studio as we bring you our exciting and imaginative event ā€“ Anim8.

Using stop motion technology – as used by the creators of Wallace & Gromit and Morph – bring to life your company values, conference messages or simply a well-known or funny movie scene. Each team must allocate roles, create their concept and complete a brainstorming session in which they collate all their ideas together on one storyboard, before bringing their animation masterpiece to life. With Anim8, the only limitation is your imagination!

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Group Size:
20 - 300
1.5h - 3h
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Inject some creative flair into your event by turning your conference room into a bespoke animated movie studio.

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How it Works

Teams can either be issued with a theme that they must work with, or they can be given free reign to create their own production. Themes can be specifically tailored to company values or business messages, but all options will ultimately generate the same amount of fun. Each team will be issued with a table-top studio set on which their production is created, along with a plethora of toys, arts ā€˜nā€™ crafts and fancy dress items. Along with these, teams will also be issued with an iPad – fixed to a tripod, and including top of the range stop motion technology software.

Teams must agree and design a story line around which they are going to create their very own 5 star animated film masterpiece. The storyboard should be used throughout the process to ensure teams remain on track with their predetermined aim.

Who it’s for

Anim8Ā is ideal for multidisciplinary project management teams, sales, technical and other functional or operational teams, and teams at all levels who are looking to work together collaboratively in discrete teams, whilst enjoying some light-hearted cross-team competition.

The Benefits

Anim8 engages teams to express their creative side and become directors of their own animated motion picture. The activity raises awareness of some of the issues encountered by teams managing complex projects, such as time pressure and sticking to the brief, and allows team members to appreciate and play to each others’ strengths and skill sets in the process.

Works well to improve

  • Project management skills
  • Creative problem solving
  • Enhanced communication
  • Innovation and creativity