Collaboration in Action

Cross-functional team building aimed at effective product knowledge and upselling

Developing knowledge in organisations to effectively and proactively cross-sell and up-sell a company’s portfolio of products and services across departments and functions is always a challenge. This interactive team training exercise provides a unique insight into each area of your business, using blended learning techniques including the latest in location-based, GPS-enabled event technology via our Mobile Adventures app.


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Collaboration in Action

Cross-functional team building aimed at effective product knowledge and upselling

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How it works

Teams are mixed to include staff representation from across all departments and functions, and each team has an iPad mini with the pre-loaded bespoke GPS-enabled Collaboration in Action challenge, which has been designed using our Mobile Adventures app. The team has to follow the typical customer journey, unlocking specially created hotspot tasks via the on-screen mapping technology, working together to answer the questions relating to different aspects of the business, offering ideas for customers and improving the customer experience, understanding more clearly products and services and their position within the wider marketplace. In addition, photo- and video-based task hotspots are built into the game, plus up to four interactive ‘hands on’ team challenges can be included in which teams get to experience and / or learn about a specific product area. All of the teams’ responses and photo and video outputs are scored via the app’s rolling Team Leaderboard function, with the winning team revealed at the end of the day. Collaboration in Action offers a fast-moving, fun and interactive way for your people to share knowledge and expertise; learning more about your company’s products and services, and raising awareness of how best to engage with your customers, leading to a more effective cross- and upselling of your offering .


Who it’s for

This is a great induction and development tool that offers a host of opportunities for colleagues to better get to know each other and the wider offering of the business.

It is particularly good for larger service sector companies (e.g. hotel resorts) who frequently rely on front facing staff to understand, relate and upsell other areas of the business to your customers.

What they liked about the training

“The interaction within other departments and some hands on experience at what their job entails. also being mixed into groups of various departments.”

“Good to see all the work and effort that goes on behind the scenes in the other departments. we enjoyed the interactive teamwork throughout the day.”

“More cross training! More team building and across department interaction!! A great way to meet other team members!!”

Key features

  • Designed and led at your place of work by experienced Maximillion Lead Facilitator Vicky Russell, supported by a small Event Team
  • Incorporates the latest in interactive, location-based GPS-enabled technology through our Mobile Adventures app
  • Ideal for large cross-functional groups

Key benefits

  • Fun, interactive and relevant – designed around your company’s products and services at your workplace
  • Cross-departmental knowledge-sharing – breaks down siloed working practices
  • Raises awareness and increased appreciation of the activities and challenges of other departments and functions
  • Raises your people’s awareness of opportunities to best promote your products and services