Conference in Pictures

Create an interactive ideas ‘filling station’ for your conference event

To maximise the impact of your event, presenter and participant thoughts, ideas and actions can be captured and pictorially represented in metaphor format. Rather than recording the vital information exchanged in the form of words and bullet points, the outputs can be captured ‘real time’ by our conference artist in an extraordinary display of live, quick fire drawing.

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Conference in Pictures

Create an interactive ideas ‘filling station’ for your conference event.

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Team Development Developing Business Messages

How it works

A storyboard gallery of images is produced which chart the outputs from the questions and issues and messages raised during the event. An interactive element then engages the delegates and provides a platform for them to feedback on the storyboard. The techniques used enable opinions to be widely shared in a safe, easily understood and creative way. The images and pictorial metaphors generated are more dynamic and memorable than corresponding words and provide fresh, live data which has relevance to the presenter, delegates and the organisation.

Who it’s for

Conference in Pictures is perfect for any corporate group looking to capture team development learning points and conference messages in pictorial form. This includes teams and groups from across all organisational and functional levels, e.g. leadership teams, operational teams, project teams, sales teams, as well as multi-disciplinary, cross functional teams and groups. It also a great option for big conference groups.



Key features

  • Led by our Corporate Artist
  • Live, quickfire drawing with supporting commentary
  • Creation of interactive Conference Event image gallery
  • Selected cartoon outputs are rendered & digitised post-event

Key benefits

  • Unique way to capture the key messages of your event
  • Uses the power of metaphor through live cartooning
  • Increases awareness of and responses to organisational issues
  • Motivates delegates to respond with their personal and collective views of your key conference business messages