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What’s up? Staff updates.

March 17, 2009 : News

There’s never a dull a moment at Maximillion, and the past few weeks have been particularly eventful.  Here’s just a brief update on what’s been happening. Goodbye

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Are you an Effective Leader?

March 17, 2009 : General Team Building

Have you ever thought “far better to give this part of the project to Joe, rather than Joanne …” or “Joe doesn’t seem to plan

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Virtual team building from your desk

March 16, 2009 : News

Recently Maximillion added a new and exciting dimension to our team building offering.Infiniteams from TPLD is an online multi-player learning environment that can be used directly

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Invest SMART in team building

February 16, 2009 : General Team Building

When times are tough, successful companies don’t stop investing in their people – they just invest smart. In 2002 when I conducted research into the

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Barnardo’s Cairngorm Challenge

February 13, 2009 : General Team Building

Challenge Events Charity Challenges

That’s right – the Barnardo’s Cairngorm Challenge is back for its third year. Whoever said that three’s a crowd? It’s clear that ‘three’ is where

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