15 Reasons Why Treasure Hunts Are Team Building Gold

March 10, 2017 : General Team Building

Team building is an imperative part of any business, organisation or social group.

There are a number of reasons why we might take part in these types of activities, perhaps you have a group of new employees and you want them to feel comfortable around there new team, or maybe you're looking to create stronger bonds - whatever your reasons, modern team building is the answer.

You might be wondering what exactly is meant by modern team building, a prime example of this is treasure hunting.

Just when you thought wildgoose/treasure hunts were an old technique, we at Maximillion have transformed this activity in to a modern day team building source, with the use of GPS technology and the use of modern day devices.

The purpose of this post though is to educate, why are treasure hunts an effective team building activity?

Find out below, along with a range of useful and intriguing employee and workplace statistics that we're sure will shock.

1. Enhances leadership skills

Treasure hunts are a perfect activity for building a confident team and a general feeling of togetherness. That said, what does every team need – a leader.

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to assign the team with a leader, but rather these kinds of activities often encourage leadership on an individual level.

With every team activity you usually find there is at least one natural leader willing to take charge, and treasure hunts are an effective way of bringing the best out of these types of individual.

Employees are 45% more likely to stay with an employer when given adequate training and leadership development.

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2. Improves business etiquette

For many younger employees who may be new to the world of work, treasure hunts offer a fun, active and creative way for newbie’s to find their feet within a team.

It also improves business related skills for all employees, including problem solving, social interaction whilst also boosting the team morale.

3. Increases individual creativity

It doesn’t matter which treasure hunt you choose, each require you to be creative and think outside of the box.

This is beneficial as the more you do these types of activities, the more it will encourage you to approach your day to day work in the same fashion.

60% of CEOs polled cited creativity as the most important leadership quality.


75% of people feel as though they aren't living up to their creative potential.


6 in 10 of us feel that being creative is valuable to our country's economy.


80% of UK workers report feeling pressured to be productive rather than creative.

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4. It's a flexible activity

Treasure hunts come in all different shapes and sizes and many team leaders decide to create their own versions.

This is all well and good and usually something unique comes out of doing things this way, but sometimes you just need to leave it to the professionals.

Image an interactive treasure hunt for example. Sound interesting? You can find out the details here.

5. Boosts morale drastically

We touched on this briefly, but any team building activities are a sure fire way of boosting the morale of each team member.

Morale is important in teams as it improved productivity, performance and creativity; it also reduces the amount of leave days along with an increase in the quality of work being displayed.

Low morale in any team will only lead to disaster, the chart below explains the reasons why employee loyalty is decreasing, can you take a guess at which is the leading cause?


6. Adrenaline is released

A discussed, treasure hunting is one of the greatest ways to interact with one another and increase confidence around unfamiliar faces.

Whether you’re exploring the woodlands, a new city or even just a somewhere local to where you work, the aspects of working as a team whilst competing against others can often stimulate an adrenaline rush, what could be better?

7. It enables exploration

Finding the prize is obviously the purpose of any treasure hunt, but half of the fun is actually experiencing the journey along the way.

Whilst the main aim of any treasure hunt is to help in building a team, getting away from the office environment and exploring the great outdoors can help employees to feel more relaxed and creative.

For many it doubles up as a nice way to explore a new area, and with our wildgoose treasure hunts you can do just that. We have locations in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen to name a few!

Research shows that the average person spends 87% of their time in enclosed buildings.

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8. Builds a positive team ethic

Treasure hunting works well as a social ice breaker, perfect for new members to a team or even just as a way to promote a stronger team ethic.

Gathering employees from different departments is a great way for other company members to get to know one another and therefore feel more confident to engage with them and even collaborate within a working environment.

Treasure hunts often require us to make decisions and take responsibility on an individual level as well as a team, both crucial aspects to a person success in any career.

9. Promotes problem solving

Promoting problem solving is best solved when being hands on and treasure hunts allow you to achieve this in a tangible manner.

Each treasure hunt enables each member and the group to solve a number of problems which is why treasure hunts are a great way of improving this skill.

37% of employees say "working with a great team" is their primary reason for staying.


Teams led by managers who focus on their weaknesses are 26% less likely to be engaged.


10. Sharpens your navigation skills

It’s also a good chance to work on your navigational skills which goes hand in hand with decision making.

With your map, individuals will learn to follow directions whilst keeping track of the distance they’ve travelled which teaches discipline and time keeping, both important in working life.

In an age of GPS technology, it’s even more challenging for younger employees to use actual maps and old school ways of navigating (if you decide to do it this way).

11. Offers physical and mental exercise

It’s important for everybody to exercise to strengthen and maintain a healthy physical and mental well being.

You’re exercising your mind constantly during a treasure hunt whilst putting your problem solving skills to the test, socialising, and making decisions.

12. It teaches responsibility

Responsibility is key in any aspect of life and especially in the world of work. As we’ve already discussed, treasure hunts teach us to follow directions, communicate with other people whilst creating a plan and action strategy.

That last point is the main plot of responsibility. Planning a strategy encourages team members to have the flexibility to change things when results don’t go your way or an unexpected obstacle gets in the way – why it’s always important to have a plan B.

38% of employees cite work responsibilities and 30% cite work/life balance as leading contributors to their loyalty


61% of employees say it is important for them to work at an organization that is socially responsible


13. It's stress relieving

Improving the mood of your employees and boosting morale is essential for any team to succeed and for leaders to get the very best out of their employees individually.

Treasure hunting is a very stimulating and thought provoking way of team building and in all our experience has never created any negativity between groups of people.

The main goal for treasure hunts is indeed to make feel people positive whilst actively promoting a sense of achievement. Therefore any negative feelings including stress disappear allowing positive and optimistic traits to take charge.

14. Helps to increase social interaction 

Treasure hunts are also a great way to ease your way out of your comfort zone. Many people find it hard to communicate day in day out with people, and so treasure hunting allows all to contribute and have a say in reaching the end goal.

Socialising with your team members is crucial to improving communication and workplace relationships, and many millennials have spoken up about this... 

46.6% of millennials expect employers to take corporate social responsibility seriously.


63% of millennials like their employers to contribute to social and ethical causes.


1/3 of millennials think socializing with coworkers will help them move up the ladder


15. It's a rewarding experience

Most importantly it is a rewarding experience for everybody involved and most of all discovering something new is one of the biggest joys in treasure hunting.

You learn many different skills and even surprise yourself in the process by realising just how many positive traits you have and bring to a team.

Naturally as people we feel exhilarated when we work through a problem and we find the solution, each of which boosts our confidence and our self-esteem.

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