Whether you’re planning a small company meeting, a multi-day conference or a product launch to an audience of thousands, Maximillion can help you every step of the way with our conference management services. Use the filters below to see how we can help with your requirements.

Given the current environment, Virtual Conferences or Meetings are increasing in popularity and providing our clients with the ability to stay connected and engage their audience. There are a number of ways that this can be done and based on your objectives we would provide you with our recommendations.

To help your thinking, below is a short overview on the two broadcast styles available;

Live streaming

Broadcasting of real time video to an audience over the internet. This can be streamed in a number of ways:

  • Via bespoke branded and encrypted portl / web page
  • Your current social media platform, such as Facebook live or YouTube
  • Your preferred virtual meeting software e.g. Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Adobe Connect or your own internal platform

Real time audience and speaker interaction such as polls, surveys and Q&A can all be integrated. This technology is popular for seminars, product launches, conferences, AGMs, Award Ceremonies and training sessions.


Broadcast using the same channels as previously mentioned, however, and whilst you miss out on real-time engagement this can be made up in production value; due to the benefits of editing and enhancement. Consider setting up specific times for Q&A and networking sessions where attendees can connect and discuss the topic.

Popular for business updates, expert opinions and where audiences are spread across different time zones.

As with physical events there are a number of other considerations as to how your objectives can be reached and your message delivered, for example you may wish to consider a Hybrid Event. A Hybrid Event may have 50% of your audience live, being physically present and 50% of your audience joining virtually. There are of course ways of enhancing your Virtual Conference;

  • Virtual Entertainment
  • Virtual Teambuilding
  • Health & Wellbeing Sessions
  • Creation of a bespoke meeting App
  • Virtual gala dinners, which include dinner being delivered to your attendees’ doors

Please get in touch on 03459011422 or to discuss your ideas further, and use the filters below to see how we can help with your requirements.

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Virtual Conferencing

Virtual Conferences allow event organisers, speakers, attendees, stakeholders and sponsors to interact and engage remotely, as they would during a live event, through a virtual environment.

Conference Connections

Design and build a physical structure linking conference table teams, and strong enough to support a fleet of RC vehicles.

Delegate Management, Conference Management, Event Management

Delegate Management

Let our project management team look after your delegates, from start to finish.

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Often overlooked is the importance of having the right speakers with the right skills.

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