Event Management

Are you looking for a professional event management company to plan, design, manage and execute your special occasion? At Maximillion, we specialise in planning various corporate events, including conferences, corporate incentives, award ceremonies, team building and much more. Our experienced team is committed to ensuring every event is tailored to your needs, professionally managed and executed flawlessly.

From concept to completion, our event management services deliver practical solutions and exceptional results. Whether it’s inspiring your team, celebrating success or connecting with peers, we provide bespoke services for memorable and impactful corporate events. Trust us to handle the details, so you can focus on what matters most – your business and your guests. Let’s work together to make your next event a success.

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Friday night was amazing


Many thanks for your email and Friday night was amazing, Matt did a great job getting everyone warmed up at the start so please pass on my thanks to him.

It was a first for so many people being involved in a silent disco and they were all raving about it on the night so thank you for making the evening a success.

“Another great event”

Thanks to Maximillion for another great event that gave us the opportunity to embed our values and build our team.

“Stress free success!”

Thank you so much. The event was a massive success and your team ensured that everything was stress free

“Competitive virtual team building”

Despite weeks of working independently it was great to see our colleagues and to demonstrate that our competitive edge and team work has not been lost, in fact I think isolation made us more competitive than ever!

“Great energy and organisation”

It was stressful because it was the unknown but I think it all went as well as it could have! We really appreciated Ross’ energy and organisation throughout the whole day.

“The energy in the team was great”

I’ve had great feedback on the Pub Olympics and Challenge Chest events that you delivered as part of our annual conference. The energy you brought and the way you adapted to our timings, keeping the group in check, was a massive help.

Corporate Events

Bespoke Corporate Events Tailored to Suit Your Organisation's Needs

Benefit from Maximillion’s expert team of event management specialists who will work with you to bring your corporate event to life, however large or small. From gala dinners and themed events to product launches and company fun days, we will work closely with you to ensure that your bespoke event is a roaring success.  

What can we do for you?

Our company can manage many different events. Are you in need of some corporate team building? Maybe thinking about Christmas party events? Or does your team just deserve a day out? Enquire now, and we will discuss your event ideas and options.   Please explore the options below to find out more about the different styles of corporate events we can create and manage, including themed parties, live events, drinks receptions, and more.   We pride ourselves on our hassle-free service. Once Maximillion knosw what you would like from your unique event, you can relax while we do the rest. We will secure the event space, whether this is a meeting room or an entire venue. We will also ensure this space is perfect for what you require from the event, be that an area appropriate for team building activities, or a coronavirus secure, virtual event space. Every detail you desire for your event (within reason!) will be added to create your bespoke day out.   We are committed to providing you and your team with an unforgettable event and unique experiences.

Private Parties

From a fabulous party in a chic night spot to a formal dinner in stately surroundings, we can arrange everything from the venue finding to the table decorations to suit your business needs. With our creativity, our trusted list of suppliers, and our proven organisational abilities, we offer an indispensable partnership in event planning, private dinners, Hen & Stag nights and other special occasions. Maximillion is the event management service that you can trust to deliver on the little details as well as the big details, ensuring your private party is everything you wish for.


When it comes to corporate events, conferences stand out as important platforms for knowledge exchange, networking and industry advancement. Our approach to conference management is comprehensive and strategic, ensuring every aspect aligns with your objectives and brand image. Some of these include:

  • AV and conference set-up
  • Festive Events
  • Event theming
  • Conference registration management
  • Conference Management
  • Conference and production
  • Conference Entertainment


We specialise in creating immersive and engaging conference experiences. From sourcing the ideal venue to integrating the latest in audio-visual technology, we handle all the logistics. Our conference and production team coordinates with speakers, manages registrations and organises breakout sessions, enriching the overall experience.

As a professional event management company, we understand the importance of networking opportunities, so we meticulously plan spaces and schedules that foster meaningful interactions among attendees. This also includes conference registration management. Whether a small, intimate gathering or a large-scale international conference, we can create an environment conducive to learning, networking and growth.

With our hands-on approach to corporate events management, we ensure your conference is not just an event, but a remarkable occasion that elevates your brand and leaves a lasting impact on your attendees.

Dinner & Award Ceremonies

Dinner and award ceremonies are special occasions for celebrating achievements, honouring excellence and fostering a sense of community and appreciation. At Maximillion, you can find the best award ceremony event management services for any industry and company size. Our expertise in organising these types of events lies in creating an elegant and exciting atmosphere, ensuring a memorable experience for all attendees.

We understand that the ambience is key in such events. From selecting the perfect venue to event theming, you can hold a ceremony that resonates with your organisation's values. Every detail is thoughtfully considered with our team working meticulously on event design, from sophisticated table settings and decor to lighting and sound, crafting an environment that exudes prestige and warmth.

The dining experience is another crucial element. We're one of the best event companies for collaborating with top caterers to provide exquisite menus catering to different tastes and dietary requirements, ensuring the highest quality in food and service and 100% guest satisfaction.

For the award ceremony itself, we manage all aspects, including stage design, scripting, AV production and choreography. Our goal is to ensure that the ceremony flows seamlessly, honouring each recipient with the recognition they deserve.

Whether it's a corporate awards dinner, a non-profit gala or an industry awards night, we bring our passion and precision to every aspect of the event, making it not just an evening, but a lasting memory for you and your guests.

Speak to our team today for more information on our event management services.


Corporate incentive events are a powerful tool in any company's arsenal, designed to motivate and reward employees or partners for their hard work and achievements. At our events management company, we specialise in creating incentive programs that are not only rewarding but truly inspiring.

Understanding that each business has its unique culture and goals, we tailor our incentive event services to align with your specific objectives. Whether it's an exclusive retreat, an adventurous team-building excursion or a luxurious getaway, we design experiences that truly resonate with your team to reinforce your appreciation for their efforts.

Our event management services for company incentives involve meticulous planning, from selecting the perfect destination to organising enjoyable and meaningful activities with event theming. We handle all logistics, including travel arrangements, accommodations and itinerary planning, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you and your team.

We believe an effective incentive event is more than just the destination; it's about the memories and experiences participants take away. Our corporate events management team works tirelessly to create those unforgettable moments – whether through interactive workshops, cultural experiences or leisure activities that encourage bonding and team spirit.

With our expertise in managing incentive events, we help you invest in your most valuable asset - your people - in a way that fosters loyalty, enthusiasm and a deep-seated commitment to your company's success.

Team Building

Consider Maximillion for your next team building event. With a fantastic range of indoor and outdoor activities, energisers and icebreakers and evening entertainment we have something to suit all budgets, group profiles, aims and objectives. Our engaging events and organised by our event production team who use their innovative ways and years of experience to resonate with your team whilst also aligning the team building with your objectives to ensure return on investment.

Team Building Testimonial

  • What Client Says about our event
  • Client:
  • Rating:5

“Everything from start to finish was amazing and Jenny kept in constant contact – couldn’t fault Jenny or the company whatsoever.

Organisation/Communication was 100% perfect.”

Team Development

Enhance your team-building activity with a team development intervention tailored to achieve your objectives. An experienced facilitator will provide constructive feedback about individual and team performance. Learn more in our L&D section.

Team Building Testimonial

  • What Client Says about our event
  • Client:
  • Rating:5

“Everything from start to finish was amazing and Jenny kept in constant contact – couldn’t fault Jenny or the company whatsoever.

Organisation/Communication was 100% perfect.”


What services does an event management company provide?

An event management company offers comprehensive services that include event planning, venue selection, supplier coordination, logistics management, marketing, on-site event execution and post-event analysis

Why should I hire a professional event management company?

Hiring professional event companies ensures expert planning and execution, saving time and stress. Our team bring experience, creativity, industry contacts and negotiation skills that lead to a successful and memorable event.

How does an event management company handle unexpected challenges during an event?

An experienced event management company is skilled in risk management and contingency planning. At Maximillion, we are equipped to handle unexpected challenges swiftly and efficiently, ensuring the event proceeds smoothly.

What types of events do you specialise in?

We specialise in a wide range of corporate events, including conferences, corporate incentives, award ceremonies, GPS team-building retreats and galas. Each event is tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of our clients.

How far in advance should I start planning my event?

The earlier, the better, especially for large-scale events. We recommend starting at least 6-12 months in advance for larger events, allowing ample time for venue booking, vendor coordination and detailed planning.

Can you handle events in different locations or cities?

Yes, we have experience organising events in various locations across the UK. Our vast network and resources allow us to manage events in different cities.