Challenge Chest

Fast-paced and fun, this is an event in which teams are able to choose how they manage their own routes to achieve a winning outcome. Each team will be presented with their own padlocked Challenge Chest, which they first must crack the code to open, before a plethora of tasks becomes available for the teams to complete.

Racing against the clock, teams must choose which challenges to complete, based on their individual and collective strengths and skills, and on how many task points are available for each. Instructors will be on hand in the room to score teams’ completed challenges, but be warned that you only have one attempt to complete the task!

Event Details

Group Size:
25 - 250
0.5h - 2h
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Challenge Chest

Fast-paced and fun, this is an event in which teams are able to choose how they manage their own routes to reach a winning outcome.

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How it Works

After a short briefing from the Event Manager, teams are presented with their locked Challenge Chest. Once they have cracked the initial cryptic clue to open the padlock, they will be presented with their task menu and the challenges on offer. Against the backdrop of a fast-paced, energising soundtrack, teams must strategise, using the strengths and skills within their team to complete as many tasks as possible, whilst keeping an eye on the countdown clock.

The Challenge Chest will be full of plenty of mystery tasks and challenges to keep your teams entertained, but focused. Challenges will include critical and creative thinking challenges, physical challenges and puzzles, plus some downright silly tasks to ensure that there is something in there for everyone.

Who is it for

Groups both large and small, and ranging from those interested in a quick fire 30-45 minute energiser, up to those looking to engage in a more involved team building experience.

The Benefits

Challenge Chest works well to improve team cohesion, communication, prioritisation and time management, and confidence in individual  and team skills and abilities. These skills are developed through the variety of challenges available within the Chest, and the freedom of choice when it comes to each team deciding which activities are completed, when and how.

Works well to improve

  • Team cohesion and communication
  • Time management and prioritisation
  • Strategy planning and implementation
  • Confidence in individual abilities