Let The Games Commence!

March 26, 2024 : News, General Team Building

We know you’re not looking to organise you own event on the scale of the Olympics, but rather take inspiration from the legacy, values and spirit of the Games and weave these into your own office, away day, conference or team building session.


Olympics Inspired Theming – Office & Conferences

We have a wide range of AV packages to help you bring the Olympics to your everyday office life or to support an upcoming conference.



Office Theming – Need to create a space in the office to allow staff to engage and support the Olympics with AV screens, flags, and more. Create a splash around your favourite Olympic events and celebrate your own people’s international diversity.


Opening & Closing Ceremony – Perhaps your conference needs and energising kick-off performance with video content and lighting, followed by an activity or ice breaker, then perhaps a headline mic drop moment to bring the event to fitting close – we can tailor something to suit your ceremonial needs.


Speakers – We can help source and curate the right inspirational speaker to compliment your conference agenda. A wealth of Olympian and Paralympian speakers to suit your budget and inspire your team.


Catering Support – A chance to showcase the international and inclusive sport of the games with cuisine from around the world – we can help with ideas for mini office events or larger scale conferences.




Fancy getting outside and active with your colleagues without the gruelling journey of dedicated training? Why hit the gym at 4am, run that extra mile on a dark cold wet and windy evening when you can rock up to your next team away day with a shot at winning a medal as you are? Or maybe you are more suited to the indoor skill and strategy based events…We have a number of activities we can tailor to your itinerary and group preference.


Maximillion Games Rotation – Our professional compere will welcome guests to their very own Olympic Games at the venue of your choice. A programme offering a wide range of activities for all abilitites. Team will compete against each other on a rotational basis representing different countries to see who takes the top spot! This outdoor event can be easily tailored to suit your requirements and budget, and can reflect your company brand as little or as much as you like.

o Track Zone – Tailored versions of our School Races – a wealth of fun competitive relays and head to head races suitable for all!


o Field Zone – Classic field activities testing your strength, technique and ability to throw stuff a long way – no toys to be thrown from prams please!


o Target Zone – Archery, Axe Throwing or Laser Clays might hit the spot!

o Carpet Curling – More a winter sports fan?… a chilled out curling tournament and a clean sweep of all the medals. 


o Team Sports – Human Table football, Inflatable Volleyball – teamwork makes the Olympic Dreamwork!


o Segway Gymkhana – A motorised spot of dressage if you will – loads of event formats to horse about with.




Highland Games – One of our flagship activities with a taste of Scottish sporting prowess. Tailor it to feature highland fun field, a carpet curling tournament or a good old fashioned tug of war!


• GPS Adventure – We have a wealth of Olympic inspired content that your teams can engage with on a city or venue GPS activity, which gives your teams a chance to feel like Olympians without breaking a sweat!


• Entertainment – Perhaps some cerebral competition or gold medal winning skills and talents honed over years of dedicated practice down the pub will suit your staff….


• Quiz – We can tailor a range of quiz style formats to feature plenty of Games trivia and tasks in bespoke Quiz Time or Level-up style events.


Pub Olympics – Skill based activities from table football to darts or giant jenga – Team formats to bring home the medals over a few beverages!



Next Steps

For more information on bringing the spirit of the Olympic Games to your event or conference, call one of our sales team today on 0131 333 0066 or email events@maximillion.co.uk.

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