Change Management

We support people-centred change programmes from design through to delivery. Ideal if you are looking to take a holistic approach which will create pragmatic action not just discussion and analysis.

At Maximillion we help your company deliver change by:

  • Designing programmes that approach change in a holistic manner
  • Moving from context analysis to pragmatic action
  • Developing individuals and teams to be ambassadors and lead the change internally
  • Helping individuals and teams deliver on and build the change agenda
  • Taking a partnership approach to help you get things done though creative processes

Change programmes that are most successful frequently feature:

  • Internal change champions acting as ambassadors and facilitators of change
  • Engagement and involvement of your people at all levels from the outset
  • Consensus building during discreet change events, conferences and other communication forums

Our experience of designing and delivering change interventions is both broad and deep. We act as trusted advisors to assist you through a whole programme, or a discreet part of your programme. We can:

  • Offer expert advice and guidance – from change strategy to communications and team building and individual development plans
  • Transform your change programme into a positive change ‘experience’
  • Assist with change programmes that have gone ‘off track’

Our learning and development consultants have the corporate experience that means they speak your language, no matter the change event you are looking to deliver. Have a look at our change management case studies and white papers to find out more detail on where and how we can help.

No matter where you are in the UK – Edinburgh, London or elsewhere- we would be delighted to have the opportunity to discuss how we can help you through the change maze.

Remember that the earlier we get involved the more value to your corporate change programme we can bring. In any event, we are here to help and are generous with our time, so why not contact one of our consultants at our Edinburgh or London offices for more information.