Boehringer Ingelheim MENA Medical Team

A bespoke full day programme of team development for the Middle East and North Africa Medical Team, comprising individuals from a variety of medical disciplines, backgrounds and areas of expertise.

Event detail

• Location: Cove Rotana Resort, Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates
• Style: Team-based personal development, incorporating experiential activities, facilitated input and discussion-based sessions, personal reflection and action planning. Included pre-event online Belbin© Team Role Self Perception Inventory (SPI) Profiling and 360⁰ Observer Assessments for all participants, which were combined into full interpretive individual, team and sub-team reports that were used on the day and in 1:1 sessions provided at the end of the day to all participants
• Group Size: 28
• Duration: Full day


The MENA Medical Team is spread geographically across MENA region and over the last 15 months had experienced a doubling in its size. Although team members communicate regularly, they don’t have many opportunities to work together in person. As such the MENA Area Medical Director wanted to bring everyone together for a fun, shared team development experience that would create a greater awareness of their role within a team environment, an awareness of their colleagues strengths and how best to use them, and an understanding of how they work best in team projects.

Objectives and Outcomes

Based on the above brief, through a period of in-depth client consultation over January 2013 a programme was designed and developed by Maximillion Lead Facilitator Vicky Russell, supported by L&D Consultant Sandy Smith.
Vicky established with the Area Medical Director a shared understanding of expectations and a set of defined outcomes for the Belbin team role team development day. Through an iterative and highly responsive approach Vicky created a stimulating and participative programme of team-based personal development.
The content and flow of the programme provided an ideal platform that linked back to the workplace. For instance, on day two of the offsite the team were engaged in a risk scenario project, and, as a result of the Belbin workshop, the Director felt the team were able to use the learning and apply it successfully making the outcomes more positive.

Outline programme

The programme included specially selected and designed experiential activities and team challenges, designed around the Belbin team role methodology, and the individual, team and sub-team profiles of the MENA Medical Team. It comprised the follow key elements:
• Initial energiser activity
• Practical Team Building Exercises
• Theory and Introduction to Belbin©
• Grounding Examples of Belbin Profiles
• Sub-team working to identify What Belbin Profile Are We?
• Distribution of Belbin© Reports and Pairs Exercises
• Team Action Plans
• Full Team Report
• Individual 1: 1 Feedback


“On behalf of the whole team we really appreciate your efforts and professionalism . The training was very clear and every one enjoyed it very much. Looking forward on having the debrief call with you and hope to see you again in the area”.
MENA Area Medical Director