The Keil Centre

As part of its annual team offsite, chartered psychologists The Keil Centre approached Maximillion to design a community challenge event with an environmental theme. The key driver for this event was to provide an enjoyable experience with a focus on community contribution while also encouraging staff to be healthy. Investment in this event would in turn assist Keil Centre in its wider organisational goal of achieving the Healthy Working Lives Gold Award.

Event detail

  • Duration: One-day event from mid morning
  • Location: Pentland Hills Regional Park & Flotterstone Inn
  • Guests: 17
  • Format: Group divided into three teams to complete an outdoor team building event with an environmental focus


The main aim was to create a meaningful and worthwhile event with a positive sustainable impact, and which would:

  • Enhance cross-team collaboration and resourcefulness
  • Raise awareness of and stimulate thoughts on environmental, social and health issues
  • Give the team the opportunity to get to know one another better outside the office
  • Support the work the Keil Centre is undertaking to achieve the Healthy Working Lives Gold award

Maximillion and the Pentland Rangers identified a worthwhile project around which we devised “Team Tracks”, a Ground Force style challenge to extend the life and sustainability of two paths. The activity was designed to be FUN and not merely a day of individual labour!

What we did

The group of 17 was divided into three teams, who worked together to complete the project successfully. We injected light-hearted cross-team competition, with each team vying to achieve their part of the project first, thereby securing post-event BBQ bragging rights! Teams had to complete several challenges:

  • Construct two cross path drains
  • “Brash” the trees on the edge of the path, removing sharp hazards to walkers and cyclists.
  • Repair and tidy a section of stone dyke
  • Contribute one team member on rotation to clear and repair existing drains

Teams were given an instant camera to capture some shots during the day, and materials to help them create a visual (e.g. a flyer, the front page of a newspaper, a poem, a collage etc) to present to the rest of the group and to share their experiences.

On the successful achievement of their goal, group then hung up their workwear for ‘burgers and beers’ at the end of the day at the Flotterstone Inn.

Who took part

The 17 guests that took part were a mixture  of chartered psychologists, consultants, support staff & associates.


What they said

“Great organisation to the day!”

“Sarah (Event Manager) – very engaging and welcoming. Sarah’s attitude made the day great. She stayed with us and encouraged the teams which spiced up the event.”