Alstom Power

In 2005 and 2006 our partner Sales Academy organised a series of team-based interventions for their French client Alstom Power. At this time Maximillion was commissioned by Sales Academy to design and deliver a team building programme, based on our Quick Fire multi-activity event format, which would help to emphasis the key business messages of; communication, collaboration and teamwork. Maximillion delivered the event in Budapest, Bangkok, Beijing,Miami and Paris.

We were asked to design a further facilitated team development programme in 2007 in Singapore. The key aim of this day was to build on the success of the 2006 interventions and engage and raise self-generated awareness amongst the participants of the three Alstom Core Values of Trust, Team and Action. This was achieved through the selected activities, whereby participants were provided with opportunities to explore how the actions and behaviours that support these Values can impact on individual and team effectiveness.

Event detail

  • 2005-2006 event locations: Miami, Beijing, Bangkok, Paris & Budapest
  • 2007 event location: Singapore – June
  • Style & Format: Facilitated team building as part of a five day sales development programme
  • Number of events and duration: 6 x one day events
  • Guests:  25 – 40


The programme was designed to:

  • encourage and develop communication, collaboration, creative thinking, problem solving and personal influencing skills.
  • stimulate teamwork, knowledge sharing and a greater awareness of self and others through positive interaction. Providing opportunities to play to each other’s strengths and creating workplace associations
  • strengthen relationships in a fun non-threatening environment and provide a fun, memorable and rewarding experience to all participants

What we did

The 2007 Singapore event comprised an initial Stop, Keep, Start session to ground the learning of the previous day and create the context for working on the teambuilding day. The group was then engaged in a suite of TeamWorks In activities, such as Supply Chain Networking and All-a-Board, which were complimented by ongoing time-outs where the teams had the opportunity to review their performance against the behaviours supporting the core values, then use these opportunities to build on lessons learnt. The day concluded with a facilitated Thinking into Action review and debrief session, followed by ‘El Gran Finale’ – Mexican Railway.

Who took part

The group came from Alstom Power global sales and account management teams. It consisted of 25-40 cross-cultural multi-linguals participants, comprising non-native English speakers coming from various destinations worldwide.

What they said

The day exceeded my expectations and I was very satisfied that the key learning points were achieved

Sandy is utterly reliable and quickly builds rapport with a whole cross-section of participants, and Stuart generates excitement and had an intimate knowledge of the exercises