Green Business

Running an environmentally sustainable business is about more than just a bit of recycling here and changing your light bulbs there.

All businesses should by now be doing the basics of reducing, reusing and recycling, creating their own green guide policies and measuring their carbon footprint.  At Maximillion we have worked hard to make our business sustainable by addressing the fabric of our building, the way we operate the business and how to reduce our carbon footprint and offset appropriately.

Green Office

In 2007 Maximillion bought a 9000 sq ft 1970’s industrial unit with a vision to transform it into modern, eye-catching exemplar of sustainability. The building was cold, damp, drafty with a rabbit warren of small rooms and offices with precious little insulation. Post “recycling” this building, we have won many awards and accreditations , have reduced our carbon footprint to less than 5 tons pa and are now a net energy contributor. Here are some of our key actions:

Insulation: Warm deck roof, triple glazed sky lights, insulated walls, new double glazing throughout.

Lighting: All lights replaced with a mix of T5 high frequency, PIR motion detectors, dimmers, etc

Heating: Install a wet radiator system heated by a 56kw biomass boiler. Weather optimisers and thermostatic zones all providing flexible control.

Solar Energy: 144 solar pv panels 36kw system generating just under 30,000 kWh each year avoiding 21 tons of CO2.City of Edinburgh-20120706-00143

Rainwater Harvesting: We capture rainwater from our warehouse roofs and store in 2x 500l tanks. The water is used for washing vehicles and equipment at our wash down point.

Solar Thermal: We have two solar thermal panels which heat our hot water, reducing energy, carbon and cost.