Green Events

Running a green event requires collaboration between the customer, the event management company and the suppliers. Without strong commitment from all three parties, delivering a sustainable event will be challenging with any potential benefits compromised. Experience has shown that some customers are indifferent to sustainable events, the majority have an interest, while a few are enthusiastic. The level of commitment the customer gives to a sustainable event will determine how green the event will be.


Green Events
Green Events

To help we have developed our own Environmental Management System (EMS) called Greener Event Management or GEM. GEM recognises that “one size does not fit all” and provides three levels which align to the customer’s commitment to the green agenda.

GEM 1: What we will do for all events, even if the customer is disinterested in sustainability
GEM 2: What we can do by early engagement and support from the customer and key suppliers.
GEM 3: Building on GEM 1 & 2, this level will aim to measure the carbon footprint and offset with an appropriate validated scheme.


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