Principles and Results

We align our business to the principle of the Triple Bottom Line accounting of People, Planet and Profit. That is to say that by being Socially Responsible and Environmentally Sustainable, we will deliver a Commercial Return. The commercial return can be measured through the business we win as a result of our sustainable credentials and the money we save through energy efficiencies we create.


In 2016, we turned Carbon Positive producing a net positive carbon footprint of 2,517kg.
What this means, is that Maximillion have moved beyond carbon zero by making additional “positive” or net export contributions by producing more energy on site than both the building requires to operate, and the business needs to offsets the carbon produced by day to day business activity. Here is how we did it:


Reduced our waste to land fill from 2,400kg pa in 2006 to just 67 kg in 2016 and last year we recycled or reused 77% of our waste.

HeatingNB ext sm

We installed a 56kw biomass boiler and solar thermal system in 2008 and this has reduced our heating costs to less than £920 pa


In 2011 we installed 144 panel 36kw solar pv system producing on average 28,738 KWh pa. We use less than half of this and the excess is exported to the grid. This has reduced the carbon associated with electricity from 20,786 kg in 2006 to a positive of -5,842 kg in 2016.


In 2008 we installed a rainwater harvest system reducing our mains water to 176 cubic meters in 2016.