Adapting to Change

February 25, 2013 : News

Charles Darwin famously said “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change“.  Maximillion have survived the ups and downs of the economic cycles for nearly 25 years and our ability to do so has little to do with “strength” or “intelligence” but everything to do with adaptation.

We are not the company we were fifteen, ten or even five years ago as we constantly  adjust and redefine what we do, moving with the times and adjusting to the demands of our customers.  As our market, products and services evolve, then so must our brand and Maximillion now unveil its refreshed logo incorporating “Event Creators” as its anchor.


Event Creators was one of the many positive outputs from a workshop held last year in Edinburgh where our eight most important customers came together to tell us what they thought of Maximillion and the event management service provided. A common to all view encapsulated by the  single word “creative” emerged. The clear consensus was that Maximillion added value to their events and created a wow factor through its creativity.

Our new strap line intends to reflect this view. As an event management company, we pride ourselves in delivering corporate events and team building to the highest of standards. But we want to add value to your organisation through our own event creativity. We want to be your Event Creators….

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