July 29, 2014 : News


Interview with Alex, our new site manager at Turnberry Adventures.

– What is your name and where are you from? Robert Alexander Weir-Addie, Arisaig

– What is your role at Turnberry Adventures? 2IC, basically if Martin (Lawson) isn’t there then chances are I am.

– What was your previous job? Outdoor Instructor for the Abernethy Trust, Nethybridge. 

– What led you to be interested in activity instruction? I’m passionate about the outdoors and working in activity instruction allowed me to indulge my passion while sharing it with other people. 

– How do you like staying at Turnberry for days at a time? It works for me, evenings spent on the beach watching the sunset over Arran can’t be beaten and the Maidens road is great for practicing long boarding.

– What is your favourite thing about Turnberry Adventures? Seeing peoples’ faces when they catch the view of Ailsa Craig while quad biking. 

– What is your favourite activity we offer? I think the Wildgoose Treasure Hunts are genius. I’d love to try one around Arisaig where I’m from. 

– What are your career ambitions? When I was a teenager my ambition was to earn enough money to go on ski holidays, I now spend winters working as a ski/board instructor so what else is there?

– Can you cross the pond walking in a water zorb? Cross  the pond, you have to walk before you can run and I can’t do either. 

– Tell us a funny story about Turnberry Adventures. Couldn’t possibly – I take my work very seriously. 

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