Digital Energisers

February 13, 2020 : General Team Building, Product Focus

Whether you want a quick energiser to kick-off your conference or create an interactive networking activity as part of your company away day. Our range of Digital icebreakers offer 15 to 30 minute solutions – the perfect way to engage your people in a simple, tech-enabled way.

Around the World

Take a quick trip around the world in under 30 minutes testing event he most well-traveled and cultured teams. Using image recognition, you will unlock a series of interactive, international photo and video challenges from across the globe!

Key outcomes:
– Encourages creative thinking
– Improves problem solving skills
– Encourages collaboration

Human Bingo

Human Bingo Game Screen

It’s classic bingo, but with humans. Teams start with an interactive bingo card filled with fun photo and video challenges. You’ve got to complete as many tasks as you can in the time allocated and each activity must be completed with a different person on the room. Who will be first to get a full house?

Key outcomes:
– Great for energising teams
– Fosters delegate networking
– Develops strategic thinking
– Improves time management

5 Cards

5 Card’s Game Screen

Build and strengthen relationships with your colleagues through you common interests! Work through a number of themed cards and choose your favorite options before completing the corresponding task. Five categories but four very different outcomes… what will you choose?

Key outcomes
– Encourages communication and networking
– Immediate conversation starter
– Develops decision-making skills


WhoDunnit? Game Screen

Can you figure out the correct sequence of events and ultimately catch the killer? Teams must collaborate with other teams, answer quick-fire questions and piece together the evidence to be first to solve the crime!

Key outcomes:
– Encourages team working
– Improves attention to detail
– Promotes logical thinking

Find Your Other Half

Find Your Other Half Game Screen

Are you the Batman to our Robin? Or perhaps we’re the Butch to your Sundance? Start with your given name and find your other half. But wait, you can only find your other half by asking a series of yes or no questions. Once you are partnered up, you must now work together to complete a series of challenges…who will be crowned the winner?

Key outcomes:
– Promotes networking
– Improves communication skills
– Encourages creative thinking

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