Corp Challenge

Many clients require their own “in house” corporate challenge as their principle client relations platform or internal team development program.  The Hudson Challenge provided and exciting challenge event that their clients were invited to enter teams into. While Scottish Widows used Maximillion on consecutive years to upskill their teams entering the Challengers Trophy events.

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Lifestyle Challenge

Maximillion provided the challenges for a programme of three internal challenge heats.

Hudson Challenge, Corporate Challenges, Challenge Events

Hudson Challenge

Hudson have used Maximillion four times to design & manage a challenge style event.

Quartermile, Corporate Challenge, Challenge Events


Carpet Curling Championship – a sporting tournament for Quartermile’s annual event.

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The Keil Centre approached Maximillion to design a community challenge event with an environmental theme. The key driver for this event was to provide an enjoyable experience with a focus on community contribution while also encouraging staff to be healthy.

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“Everyone from Maximillion did a really good job and I had a lot of feedback that the staff were excellent. Thanks very much for your

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