The programmes below have been created with developing organisations in mind. Discover how each intervention facilitates change, transition and growth in response to the ever-changing workplace environment; reflecting current thinking around organisation development, business improvement, and associated methodologies, tools and models, and creating opportunities to align people, process and business objectives more effectively.

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Imagine the impact on your organisation’s performance if every one of your people was aware of the impact of their actions on the ‘bottom-line’?

The Big Picture

Articulate key business themes and messages in a dynamic, collaborative, artistic environment.

Retrospective, Messages, team Development

Open Space Technology

Interactive and engaging events that motivate commitment to change and foster ideas for business improvement.

Create & Paint, Messages, Team Development

Create & Paint

Bring people together to creatively explore and share organisational messages.

Team Development Developing Teams

Kinetic Connections

‘Silo-busting’ – building interdependent groups out of independent teams.


A magazine-style video challenge to retrospectively celebrate the achievements and successes of a team over a given period.

Energiser Team Building

On Track

A dynamic, hands on energiser, or grand finale, that brings teams together and offers a great metaphor for organisational working.

Energiser Team Building

Values in Action

A forum for discussion and a structured tool with which to extract ideas and opinions on an organisation’s Values.

All Aboard, Teams, Team Development

TeamWorks – All-a-Board

Explore how specialist skill and knowledge can achieve organisational targets through effective communication and project management.

team development, organisations, graduate programmes

Graduate & HiPo Programmes

Custom designed team-based personal development programmes for new graduates and high potential employee groups.

All Aboard, Teams, Team Development

Business Simulations

Workplace scenarios and business processes gamified and simulated through event experiences.

Learning Lab Series, Organisations, Learning & Development

Learning Labs

Mini programmes providing both practical learning & insight into ‘high priority’ topics.

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A bespoke 2.5 day programme of team-based personal development for the global HIPO Group comprising individuals from the Europe, the US, the Middle East, Far East and Australia.

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