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Not to be mistaken with the Australian city of the same name, Perth can be found in the heart of Scotland and just an hour north of Edinburgh. The city combines the historic landmarks and breathtaking views that Scotland is known for with the entrepreneurial spirit that buzzes through businesses throughout the area. Fans of history will enjoy the castles and palaces on offer, while the outdoor-types will feel right at home with their selection of walks and golf courses. That’s without mentioning all of the venues that are prime for hosting events, something we know a lot about.    We here at Maximillion have been helping people organise events for years now, for both business and pleasure. Our team of creative planners can help you transform your idea, no matter how incomplete or ambitious it is, and turn it into reality. Need to organise some team-building exercises to help your staff bond together? Launching a new product and want to gather all of the thought leaders together to show it off? Want to throw a party - for friends, family or colleagues - but don’t know how to organise one? We can help.

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Perth may not be as widely known as contemporary Scottish cities like Glasgow or Edinburgh, but it still has a lot to offer. The professional relationships we’ve established over many years in the business also means that we can provide access to some of the most highly regarded venues in the city.  

Only 90 minutes away from 90% of the Scottish population, the Perth Racecourse offers an incredibly accessible venue that is only four miles from the Perth town centre. 40 acres of available grassland make it more than suitable for those wanting some time outdoors and it’s spacious enough to host up to 300 people for conferences. 

An even larger option can be found in the Horsecross Concert Hall, which dazzles with its glass exterior and unique look. With a variety of spaces available that look as nice on the inside as the building does on the outside, this is a flexible option that can work to suit any budget. Gleneagles Hotel and Scone Palace offer even more options for the people that want to host their event around the Perth area.

A taste of our previous events in Event Management

Maximillion continue to deliver the highest quality of events across the UK. Check out what events we have created and hosted in Perth.

Perth Racecourse

Perth Racecourse approached Maximillion to deliver two Family Fun Days, one in 2013 and the other the consecutive year.

Edrington Group

Located at the country retreat of Murrayshall Hotel, 63 participants from the Edrington Group took part in a Commercial Break.


In 2009, Maximillion delivered our Kinetic Connections for a group of 22 participants from Diageo.

University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh Business School engaged Maximillion to deliver the Building High Performing Teams.

event management in Perth

Located in the central belt of Scotland, Perth is the ideal location for any team building activity. Your team can experience the city buzz, whilst being only a short drive away from some of Scotland’s most beautiful countryside. Take an adventure along the river Tay or enjoy a glamorous day at Perth Racecourse whilst engaging with and developing your staff.

Perth is simply an amazing place to have a team-building event. From their stunning landscapes to unique activities, Perth offers a quirky experience. Whether you’re joining us for Peth racecourse, Horsecross Concert Hall, Gleneagles Hotel or Scone Palace, you’ll all have an experience you won’t forget.
Each activity provides an experiential learning experience for your team. The fundamentals of the tasks ensure your team are learning and working together without even realising. Our tailored events make it easy to get your team into a space where they can develop in a fun environment.

Our team building events can be tailored to your team’s needs and we can advise you on which event would be best at aligning with your goals.

Explore what Perth has to offer and provide your team with a team-building event that challenges them. Bring your team together and gain a competitive advantage with a productive team.

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