Hold the Front Page!

Create your own news! Teams produce a giant A1-sized business news front page, using the materials and props provided.

Using their flair and creativity, this activity will have table teams reporting in a retrospective ‘fast-forward to the future’ style timeline – reflecting back on a successful year for the business. A great means for tapping into the teams’ creative visioning skills and incorporating business messages in a fun way, this engaging team activity can also be used to share knowledge, allow participants to be creative, express feelings and report on positive change, as well as simply providing a light-hearted shared experience.


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Hold the Front Page!

Teams create a giant, ‘fast-forward to the future’ style front page – reflecting on a successful year for the organisation.

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Case Study

How It Works

Each team must create their own Front Page of the news – which would be designed to reflect aspects of the organisation – with witty headlines and copy, pics, daily funnies / cartoons, gossip column, adverts, additional sub-headlines and photos in features categories such as Money, Sport, Travel, Weekend, Review etc to match. Large A1-sized boards, Polaroid cameras, basic props and arts and craft materials are provided to ensure everyone is engaged in some aspect of this fun, business relevant project.

Linking with your business messages:

By way of providing a business-relevant context, the activity is positioned so that teams have to ‘fast-forward into the future’ and create the front page of their newspaper dated a year from the date of the event. Each team’s headline story and features have to give a positive, retrospective take on, for example, how successful the organisation has been over the year, what key milestones have been achieved etc.

In other words the participants are fast forwarding into the future a year from now, and looking back to celebrate the successes and achievements of projects and initiatives aligned to their business goals. The activity-based session builds on their skills of visualisation to create clarity and details in their perception of what future success would really be like. Each of the other Front Page articles and features also has to reflect this ‘fast-forward to the future’ temporal shift.

The end result:

At the end of the event the Front Pages are displayed using giant easels. A scoring system will be explained and the publications are marked against a set criteria, resulting in a winning team of ‘hack reporters’ during a light-hearted award ceremony.


Who It’s For

Hold The Front Page is ideal for teams and groups from across all organisational and functional levels, e.g. leadership teams, operational teams, project teams, sales teams, as well as multi-disciplinary, cross functional teams and groups. This creative, specially-themed, experiential team development activity also works well for large conference groups with a limited time slot and event space restrictions.

Key Features

  • Lead Facilitator to lead the session
  • Event Manager to ensure behind the scenes smooth-running of the session
  • Event Team to maximise participant enjoyment
  • A1-sized foamex boards
  • Polaroid Camera with 10-shot film for each team
  • Basic props, arts and craft materials
  • Keep your Front Pages as a dynamic business-relevant takeaway from the day!


Key Benefits

  • Develops your business messages through participant debate and consensus
  • Gets participants to think about real, current and future business projects and initiatives
  • Contributes to creating a shared vision of the future
  • Gets teams in a positive, future-focussed mind-set
  • Promotes team working and also adds an element of cross-team competition
  • Energises participants and puts a smile on everyone’s face