MBTI® Workshops

Understanding MBTI® in the Organisation – a Familiarisation Programme

Myers-Briggs Type Indicators (MBTI®) is a model of personality preferences that classifies the ways that we view, deal with, and react to the world around us. It’s a profiling tool that allows people to understand how they interact, and is a good predictor of how we think and behave in most situations and with most people. Awareness of MBTI® profiles can help colleagues operate more effectively together.

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Group Size:
4 - 21
Various, UK and global locations
4h - 6h
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MBTI® Workshops

Understanding MBTI® in the Organisation – a Familiarisation Programme.

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How It Works

The programme explores the implications and applications of MBTI® in the workplace to provide teams with a good understanding of type concepts, allowing them to appreciate preferred working styles, as well as the normal differences between team members. It also enables team members to work more effectively with each other and with others, as well as understand how different people cope with, and need to be communicated with, during times of change and growth.

Who It’s For

The insights gained from an MBTI® Workshop provides a framework for tackling a wealth of issues that can be applied in the workplace for both individuals and teams such as leadership teams, operational teams, project teams, sales teams, as well as multi-disciplinary, cross functional teams and groups.



Key Features

  • Online profiling pre-event
  • 10-page interpretive ‘MBTI® Report for Organisations’
  • Full facilitation support to ground the learning
  • “TeamWorks for Business” activities to bring the learning to life
  • Post-event follow up by Lead Facilitator
  • Option of 1:1 with Facilitator to achieve ‘best fit’ profile

Key Benefits

  • Online MBTI® profiling, offering robust external validation based on decades of research
  • Tailored package to fit your objectives, timings & group size
  • Offers an introduction to understanding the valuable differences that exist between people
  • Creates a common language for any group
  • Allied team exercises are highly experiential, stimulating & engaging