Maximillion Festive GPS & Digital Tablet-based Challenges

September 28, 2017 : News

Are you tired of the same old turkey dinner? Looking for something a little different? Why not consider one of our interactive, Christmas-themed, tablet-based digital challenges?!

  • Festive Explorer – what you get if you cross a treasure hunt, a Christmas Quiz and a bar crawl!
  • Festive Escape – The question is simple; do you and your team have what it takes to escape the office and make your Christmas party on time?
  • Festive Quiz – A Christmas quiz but not as you know it – a fantastic festive themed tablet-based challenge guaranteed to bring you Christmas cheer!

Festive Explorer

What do you get if you cross a treasure hunt, a Christmas quiz and a bar crawl? Our GPS Festive Explorer of course! You’ll be ho-ho-ho-ing through a variety of festive clues, questions and trivia, completing photo and video challenges as you go – if you like the idea of a competitive stroll around town with a few cheeky pub stops, then this is for you! Unlock challenges via GPS, complete photo and video challenges and show off your Christmas trivia skills with this exciting challenge. Head into pubs to mull (-ed wine) things over, then continue on your journey to a prize giving and presentation to see where your team end up on this Christmas cracker of an event!

Festive Escape

Why not take the simple concept of leaving the office and heading to the Christmas Party and transform it into an immersive Escape challenge. Step one involves teams working together to escape the virtual locked room. Based on the popular escape room challenges, this 60-minute activity has teams working together and testing their problem solving skills. Teams will face a series of tasks, riddles, logic puzzles and interactive challenges, in their desperate attempts to ‘escape’. For step two, players physically leave the office and take on a series of GPS-activated challenges guiding the teams through the streets of your location to your end destination – the Christmas party venue!!

Festive Ho-Ho-Ho Quiz

A Christmas quiz but not as you know it.  Use it as a warm-up to the main event, or during dinner to find the ‘Wise Men’ of your group! Teams will enter into the spirit of Christmas with seasonal trivia, along with Christmas themed photo and video challenges. A great way to supplement your dinner with an entertaining, enjoyable and interactive table-top quiz. Photos & videos taken can be presented to your group after dinner with a prize giving and results session determining who will have egg-nog on their face! Click HERE for more information.

Why Not Make Your Christmas Party Destination a Secret?!

A novel way to make your colleagues earn their Christmas dinner! We can tailor all our festive challenges to guide you from your office to your party venue of choice. The aim is simple – until you earn enough points the finishing location will not be revealed! Don’t panic if you don’t know your Prancer from your Vixen as it’s not too hard!  Once at your venue of choice photos & videos are shown and the winners….and losers are revealed in a ho-ho-larious prize giving.

All of our GPS Tablet-based challenges feature a live scoreboard, team messaging, prizes for the winners and losers and links to download all of the photos and videos taken during your event.

Spend Christmas Together

If you have colleagues or offices in other locations around the world, our multi-city option is the perfect solution to bring everyone together this Christmas!

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