Team Effectiveness

Developing a team’s effectiveness can directly impact business performance and help exceed an organisation’s stakeholders’ expectations through improved service delivery and increased competitive advantage.

The emerging challenge for organisations is to assess, harness and build on the effectiveness of their teams and to support them to operate in increasingly interdependent ways. Many such teams can be characterised as;

  • New & recently merged
  • Virtual / geographically dispersed
  • Teams undergoing change
  • Self-managed or project-based
  • “Storming” & “norming” teams

Key issues for teams which arise from this are:

  • Fostering a common understanding of purpose for the organisation
  • Creating common models of communication that promote effective team working across functional boundaries
  • Managing competing organisational priorities within and across teams
  • Dealing with cultural and language differences
  • Embedding learning into everyday team activity.


In the current climate, these issues are becoming more critical, and allied to this is the fact that organisations are looking for an increasing return on their investment in the process. ROI is key, and at Maximillion we are confident that our approach increases awareness and understanding at the outset, offers a fast route to transferable learning and assists in grounding sustainable behaviour change that delivers real business benefits.