A Pillow Fight to Remember!

Maximillion were contacted by intu Braehead on behalf of Renfrew High School requesting support for an upcoming event. The event had been brought to life as a result of a very positive and impactful school project. As part of intu Braehead’s community engagement initiative, they invited school groups to pitch their event ideas in order to raise money for a chosen charity – Classrooms for Malawi. A small group, made up of 3 initial event designers, from Renfrew High School developed such a good idea that the management team from intu Braehead gave the greenlight on the project coming to life. This decision was only made on the back of such a good product being designed as in fact, the project was only meant to be a paper-based activity for the school during last years ‘Retail Matters’ week campaign.

Event Details

Date: Saturday 24th May 2018

Event Title: Wipe Out Warriors Event

Location: Soar at intu Braehead, Glasgow

What They Wanted

Lydia Brown, Community Development Manager, from intu Braehead got in touch with Maximillion to assist with the following areas of the event;

Pre-Event Project Management

  • Work in partnership with intu Braehead and the team from Renfrew High School.
  • Provide a list of imaginative, creative and cost-conscious ideas to enrich the event concept, design and delivery.
  • Attend a pre-event meeting with the project team and all internal departments.

Event Management

  • Install a suitable activity and / or event as the main focal point of the event
  • Deliver on site, event management training to the work force on the morning of the event to empower the school group to work the event with complete autonomy.
  • Be present throughout the event to assist with any event management issues that may arise that the school group cannot deal with.

What We Did

Tasked with creating a suitable event we went to work in the office to produce an event proposal which included a selection of inflatable activities which could be used to promote the charitable event. This proposal was sent to the main organisers from the Renfrew High School who selected an ever-popular activity – Pillow Wars! A great spectacle for all as participants whack, wallop and thump their opponent with the ultimate aim of knocking them off the inflatable pole.
On the event itself, we managed and staffed the area along with a fantastic group of volunteers from S3, Renfrew High School. The group took part in an initial event management and health and safety brief which was delivered by Maximillions, Ross Gardiner. Although still there to guide the students through any tricky incidents that arose he was so impressed with the level of maturity, ability and confidence that the students had that him and the rest of the Maximillion team became a bit redundant during the event itself. The students focused on all aspects of the event; from marketing, sales, operations and health and safety. The students marketing and sales team did a fantastic job getting participants involved in the activity – the charge to take part in the Wipe Out Warriors event was £1.00 making it affordable for all.
The event was a real success with over £1,000 being raised for the students chosen charity, Classrooms for Malawi. We were honoured to be a part of this exciting, rewarding and fun event and thank both Renfrew High School and intu Braehead for choosing us to work with them.

What They Said

“Thanks again for all your help and support during the Wipe Out Warriors event, we had our final debrief meeting with them last week. They all thoroughly enjoyed the experience and are taking some valuable life lessons away with them.” – Lydia Brown – Community Development Manager, intu Braehead.