ACCA Global

“Valuing our staff” is often proclaimed and rarely practised effectively.

Maximillion worked in partnership with the leaders of global accountancy body ACCA to develop scenario based team development activities that raised the awareness of working with the values of the organisation. The two-day annual conference event focused on creating secure understanding of organisational ‘values at work’, while promoting the importance of all the key international business relationships necessary for an effectively functioning organisation.

Our sales, operations and lead facilitation team successfully provided creative and highly imaginative solutions in order to stimulate scenarios relevant for success.

A series of self-reviewed activities demonstrated that there are real, tangible, practical things that can be done to provide direction and support when working with values in the workplace.

Event Detail

  • Venue: Oxford
  • Format & Style: Facilitated conference using visual and collaborative activities that developed confidence and understanding of the organisation’s strategic values
  • Group: 120 senior international participants from Education, Business Development and Corporate Services. Wide representation of nationalities and cultures
  • Duration: Two days


The key output of the exercise was for people to understand the generic context of the organisation’s strategic values, and through practical activities decide how these can provide a practical framework for embedding values in the workplace.

Throughout, it was essential that people would gain an appreciation of how an intrinsic value set could be practised using appropriate behaviours across international and cultural boundaries.

Maximillion was asked to design a series of highly interactive conference activities for senior managers in cross-functional groups that was:

  • Practical, understandable & relevant
  • Fun & engaging
  • Promoted understanding of the business context for ‘Values at work’


During the conference participants worked with colleagues from a diverse cultural base, collaborating to a create practical understanding of how to work with values in the workplace and manage the impact of corporate strategic developments.

Working in partnerships with the client, Maximillion consultants developed a series of experiential models of the business’s values. The use of large scale mural and pictorial examples of how the organisation is currently providing products and services enabled participants to work towards ways of describing through the use of pictures, what working with values would look like.

During the second part of the conference, participants built a colourful picture of their customer base with highly visible features that accurately described details of particular importance to clients and their customers. Embedded within this display was an accurate numerical value of costs and resources required to achieve optimal business needs and targets. From this model the conference was able to plan activity that led towards achieving these targets over the short and intermediate terms. Participants were given examples of the behaviours that would form part of the ways of achieving these targets.


“I think the session designs were great in terms of getting people to think differently and in terms of relevance to our business needs.” “Sandy was excellent at pulling everything together at the beginning – and if you want a man to close a deal for you he knows how to do it! Jane was fantastic at being calming both before the event – when I know I probably wanted to know more than some clients – and during the event itself.”

Head of Organisation Development, ACCA


Maximillion Learning and Development consultants have transferable examples of business models that include:

  • Sharing & embedding business values and behaviours using creative & imaginative imagery
  • Creating the routes for successful organisational change
  • Testing business planning models across international & cultural boundaries
  • Creating a learning context of  business transparency through creative modelling and future scenario setting
  • Examining complex global organisational characteristics that present potentially conflicting priorities