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Organisational and Cultural Engagement in China – the dynamic growth in the Asian pharma sector.

Event Details

Date: June 2015
Venue: Shanghai, People’s Republic of China
Format: Leadership workshop / facilitation workshop
Guests: Leadership team of 11, with a Functional team of 94


With a new regional leader recruited for their Clinical Operations function for Boehringer Ingelheim China Ltd, we were approached to design a two day programme around leadership, culture and engagement.
Our objective was to work closely designing a unique programme that would support the organisation’s strategic priorities.
Experienced Maximillion Lead Facilitator, Victoria Russell, had already worked with Boehringer Ingelheim leaders in 2013 and 2014, and was invited again to work through further close consultation, preparing and designing a unique programme as part of their learning week.

What we did

Our programme involved considerable preparation with a core team in advance of the delivery including the Regional Head (Corporate). The final programme design was condensed into a two day facilitated programme in Shanghai during June 2015.
The first day of the programme was focused on working with the Clinical Operations leadership team and helped them shape a specific mission, vision and values.
The second day was an ambitious piece of facilitation with the full function team which involved 94 staff from around China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. This was an interactive day that included team presentations, case studies and exercises to explore values and engagement. This identified additional values that were important to driving forward the function and developed new skills and approaches to challenge staff with their roles within the company.

Who took part

Boehringer Ingelheim China Ltd Clinical Operations leadership and functional teams

What they said

James Cheung – Head, Clinical Operations, ROPU TCM at Boehringer Ingelheim

“Victoria is an excellent trainer and training facilitator. She is able to bring good insight, feedback and recommendation to any training workshops from her wealth of experience and her sharpness in picking things up. She puts in a lot of efforts in preparing for her workshops and is also very flexible to adapt them to meet the needs of her clients. Her workshops were well organised, very engaging and relevant. I had the privilege to work with her for a couple of workshops in China and have no hesitation to recommend her to anyone.”