Calderys Annual Conference 2015

Calderys is a worldwide leader in monolithic refractories. After a successful Wildgoose Scotland City Explorer event in Edinburgh in December 2014 for the Calderys senior team, we were approached again to support their annual sales and marketing conference that was held in Lisbon in January 2015.

Event Detail


  • Provide an activity for guests to enjoy the city of Lisbon.
  • Bring participants together in a fun and competitive way.
  • Incorporate negotiating and selling tasks.
  • Record participant ideas for future annual event awards.

What we did

Calderys wanted to engage attendees with a fun, interactive, teambuilding activity. Seeing the sights of Lisbon and having the ability for participants to feedback on their ideas had to be included, as well as a negotiating and selling task which teams undertook in and around shops adjacent to the hotel. With the addition of bespoke questions our Wildgoose Mobile Adventures App fitted the brief perfectly.

Who took part

The event was attended by 110 members of Caldery’s European Marketing team, engaging them in a fun and interactive team building activity.

What they said