Chivas Brothers – Responsib’ALL Day 2017

Event details:

Event Date: 1st June 2017

Event Title: Responsib’ALL Day

Where: The main projects took place at the Quarriers Village in Bridge of Weir, St Rufus Park in Keith, Frank Downie House in Clydebank and Sands End Adventure Playground in Fulham, PLUS an additional 28 sites across Scotland and England

Format: For the main activities, a full day of charitable manual labour took place at the above locations i.e. garden rejuvenation, internal painting and decorating, gardening tasks, laying decking. The supplementary activity for those not taking part in the main project was a UK wide food drive for local foodbanks.

Guests: 1,600 people were involved in charitable contributions and activities

Who took part:

Pernod-Richard employees from all over the world took part in their annual Responsib’ALL Day which is devoted to their sustainability and responsibility commitments. The aim of this event is to make every one of its 18,000 employees an ambassador for its S&R commitments, using Responsib’ALL Day as a vehicle. From this, Maximillion managed the UK Chivas Brothers employees in achieving this goal by co-ordinating over 3,700 hours of charitable contributions.

What They Wanted:

Chivas Brothers were looking for:

  • Celebration and Engagement Events
    • Creative ideas to enrich the event concept, design and delivery
    • Work in partnership with chosen partners and charities
    • Devise employee engagement activities for those not volunteering on the day
    • Provide a celebratory end for each of the main project sites
  • Community Volunteering Projects
    • Event Manage projects on the day
  • Minor Sites Engagement
    • Devise and deliver a charitable activity for those unable to attend the major sites or community volunteering projects
  • Communications
    • Deliver all internal communication design and print

What We Did:

Tasked with project management, we took on supplier procurement and management on a UK wide scale, co-ordinating the successful delivery of multiple goods and services. This stemmed from sourcing environmentally sustainable, modern and useful gifts for each Chivas employee to co-ordinating 28 separate food drive locations with their respective local foodbank partners. We were also required to design and distribute all internal communications both digitally and printed. This consisted of visual timelines of the event, posters, website sliders, mail chimp email templates and tent cards both pre and post event.

On the day, we event managed and staffed all on-going activities at 2 of the main site locations – The Quarriers Village and Sand End Adventure Playground. We worked alongside employee volunteering and works4u who brilliantly co-ordinated all of the manual labour activities on the day. We organised lunch, transport and mixologists for the celebratory moment.

Our main responsibility on this project was to work closely with the Chivas Brothers Communications Department, who oversaw the event proceedings to create their vision and ensure that all aspects of the event ran smoothly. An objective which we can confidently say was reached!

What They Said:

“THANK YOU! For a series of well executed, organised events and importantly fun events. We’ve had brilliant feedback and there were lots of happy faces this end. We’ve also had many nice words from partners – overall we can’t thank you and the team enough for your help.”

Rachel McCartan – Corporate Communications Manager at Chivas Brothers, Pernod Richard