Deloitte LLP

We were approached by Deloitte LLP in Edinburgh who were looking for a team building activity which could be run for two different groups, in two different locations doing the same activity. Our Dual City Spy School challenge fitted the bill perfectly!

Event details:


The objective was to create a fun, engaging and memorable outdoor event which both Edinburgh and Glasgow offices could take part in at the same time. The two cities wanted to go head to head in a competitive yet collaborative activity, and the use of our Wildgoose Scotland technology was the perfect solution.

What we did:

Using our popular Wildgoose Scotland Spy School format we placed the same hotspots and challenges in both Edinburgh and Glasgow city centres. All teams played the same game and visited hotspots according to their location. During gameplay teams could see each other’s locations, along with the ability to message individual or all teams across both areas. Our new collaborative play function brings teams together and individuals must now work together to achieve maximum points. A feature of collaborative play is our score ‘totaliser’ which totalled the score for teams in each city – giving a total figure for each city along with our usual individual team scores. This meant that each city had winners and losers but the collaborative score from each city was what really mattered in the end! Team photos were shown concurrently, along with the results, through the use of Zoom video conferencing, giving the winners (Glasgow) an opportunity to rile the losers (Edinburgh) in a light-hearted and fun presentation.

Who took part:

60 staff from the Edinburgh and Glasgow offices of Deloitte LLP.

What they said:

“Thanks for a great day – everyone enjoyed it very much”

 If you are interested in your own multi-city team challenge, please contact the team here.