F. Hoffman-La Roche Ltd. Switzerland

The Project Team event was about Human Impact – a motivational┬áteam development event supporting change management and project implementation efforts that would energise & inspire team members.

Event detail

Date: January 2009
Venue: Basel Conference Center, Basel, Switzerland
Format: Retrospective video production team event, complimented by Rhythm Rocks percussion workshop
Timings: 5 hour afternoon event 13h00 to 18h00
Guests: 45 participants


Its aims were to create the sense of One common mission / to achieve a feeling of One team:

  • You have the power to make the changes you want to see
  • You have the power to move things forward


  • Members leave with an understanding of how we need to work together as a team (set of desired behaviors & attitudes) to achieve our common Mission
  • Members get to know each other in a more informal context, building a first sense of “we are one team”, and thus breaking some of the silos
  • Have Fun as a team!
  • People leave feeling inspired & energized.

One Mission activity: Retrospective

  • Creating and agreeing a common future direction;
  • Setting behavioral goals to contribute to business achievement;
  • Determining the actions which will ensure effective implementation.

Retrospective enables participants to “travel to the future” and capture some of the retrospective learning and use it before they actually tackle the tasks at hand. The event involved teams contributing to the making of a Retrospective magazine-style themed video production which celebrates the achievements and successes of the project team over a given period. Broadcast-standard filming equipment and same day editing technology and techniques were incorporated by our professional videography team.

Themes in the form of key questions were given to each of the six groups which they needed to work on, interpret and incorporate into the video production.

A 10-15 minute fast-edit video was shared at the end of the day with the team, during the post-event drinks reception

The video as such was not an end in itself. While providing a sense of accomplishment (seeing the final production on screen), key to the activity was the “How we worked together as a whole group to get there”

One Voice activity: Rhythm Rocks

An interactive drumming event. Using authentic Brazilian instruments, participants experienced some of the passion, energy and rhythms associated with South American music.

  • Allowed mass participation with everyone working to achieve a shared goal;
  • Demonstrated the value of creativity teamwork and cooperation;
  • Fun, dynamic and a harmonious experience