National Institute for Health & Clinical Excellence

The executive team of the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) held a two day residential offsite to start aligning people and processes following its merger with the Health Development Agency. The event was entitled Understanding the Myers Briggs Type Indicators (MBTI) and their implications in the Workplace This two day programme was split over a one day cross-functional development workshop focused on team roles and responsibilities, followed by a second day of facilitated workshop discussion around the current business context culminating in action planning. All MBTI profiling, scoring and data interpretation to inform programme design was undertaken prior to the offsite.

Event Detail

  • Venue: Warren House, Kingston upon Thames
  • Style: Individual, team & organisation development
  • Format: MBTI personality profiling, facilitated workshops & discussions with experiential learning components from the TeamWorks In programme portfolio.
  • Guests: 20 – a cross-functional team from directors to admin staff
  • Duration: 2 days


  • Bring the newly created team together for the first time under a shared developmental and business agenda
  • Increase self awareness, awareness of others’ roles & responsibilities and identify team strengths and development areas through Myers-Briggs Type Indicators personality profiling (MBTI)
  • Provide opportunities through facilitated workshops & discussions to explore the current business context culminating in action planning


The main appeal of incorporating Myers-Briggs (MBTI) into day one was to provide insights into individual and team styles and types, offer an introduction to understanding good teamwork practice and create a common language for the group and enhance communication through positive interaction

Building on the individual & team knowledge gained through MBTI profiling, the group was also provided with an insight into Transactional Analysis, a theory of personality and communications and a systematic approach to personal growth and change, as well as a number of experiential activities & business simulations, which were instrumental in bringing the learning to life

On day two the two Maximillion consultants built on the self and team learning from day one and transposed this into the organisational context through a series of facilitated workshops and discussion sessions


  • The offsite took place at a time of transition and consolidation in relation to structure, roles & responsibilities and there were mixed feelings about the benefits of MBTI and team development. The Maximillion consultant team, with extensive experience of working with senior teams in the NHS, rose to the challenge and one of the key outcomes was the development a 100 day action plan.
  •  A further engagement to support NICE Guidelines Micro Process development was secured for 2007.


“Sandy, Gavin & Jim were all excellent; very supportive & professional. I was particularly impressed by Jim – he very effectively led the group in a very flexible and perceptive manner”, “Thoughtful, adaptable & friendly workshop leaders” , “We were very satisfied that the key learning outcomes were reached – this seems clear from post-session discussions with the team and because all parties are conforming to the action plan agreed to date”

NICE Associate Director